Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

I can honestly say that I am now becoming a fan of Halloween after this year!
It's never been my thing, but with kids it's so fun!
I'm even considering hitting up the clearance racks and getting things to decorate with next year.

Having Halloween fall on a Friday night is always fun and we originally thought we might go and trick or treat in my BIL and SIL's neighborhood, but at the last minute we decided not too.
I'm sooo glad we didn't because the weather didn't hold out.

We went out at 6:15pm and were in by 7:15pm, giving Shelby is generally in bed by that time, and that's when the sky opened up!
Torrential downpour, thunder, lightning, the whole bit!
Shelby would not have been able to trick or treat at all if we had traveled all the way to their house 40-minutes away.

And, she LOVED trick or treating!
She had it down after our LSU adventures on sorority row.
Our Minnie Mouse was cuter than I imagined!
 We met up with another family in our neighborhood and cruised...
 Our little townhome neighborhood was actually much more festive than I expected.
 So fun to see a lot of our friends too!
 I think people love seeing the little kids in their costumes.
I know I always do.
 Overall, it was a great time and Shelby racked up.
 I've saved her a couple of Tootsie Roll pops and the rest went to work.
 Just noticing that Frozen is playing in this woman's house.
Afterwards we went to our neighbor's for a quick cocktail then home.
The kids had a great time and I can't imagine how different and exciting next year will be with it on a Saturday night!


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I absolutely love Halloween and having trick or treaters is awesome! I grew up in the country and never had them until we moved to our neighborhood. Shelby looks adorable in her costume!

Allena said...

We were out probably an hour or an hour and a half, and it was perfect. The kids had a blast and we didn't come home with a crazy amount of candy (not that we have let them have any since Halloween night, ha...I think they have both forgotten). Shelby is a PRECIOUS Minnie! It has been hard for me to be in an apartment without my decorations. I am going to have to get some stuff for Christmas or I will fall apart.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Shelby looks so cute!!

Sara said...

Shelby looks precious! I need to get on board with Halloween. It's my least favorite holiday. Guess I'd better buck up for the kiddos :)

donna said...

What a cute minnie mouse you have there! We love Halloween!!!

starnes family said...

I so loved seeing Shelby's costumes this year. Precious. Each year just gets to be more and more fun.