Monday, June 23, 2014

Kickoff to Summer: Camping in Brevard, NC

The official start to Summer was this past weekend and we celebrated with a trip camping in the Western North Carolina mountain town of Brevard!
With temps expected to be in the upper 90's we were glad to get out of Charlotte and into a cooler climate.
We booked just a few weeks ago, so availability was limited.
We ended up at Ash Grove Campground.
A private campground run by two gay guys, believe it or not!
They were super friendly and helpful.
While the campground was pretty and secluded, it was just not an ideal place for people with small children.
It was VERY steep.
We barely got our trailer to our site because the hill was so steep and it had just rained.
It took us 2 tries to get up the hill.
The bathhouse was also down a VERY steep embankment.
Overall, there was just no place for Shelby to roll her toys around, except for the small area between our campsite and the one next to us.
That's where my friend Tamera camped with her 3 children and cousin Sidney.
Tamera and I worked at Fox Charlotte together for many years.
Sid was a great help with the 7-year old twins, Ava and Madeline and 4-year old Landon.
Shelby loved having other kids around.
They camped in a tent right across from us.
5 people deep, but it worked!
The twins tried to give Shelby a lesson in blowing bubbles.
She still hasn't mastered it yet though.
She was drenched in soap.
Good ole' fashion family fun!
Shelby and Landon went and met the campground dogs.
Two weenies and a basset hound.
Mr. Mark, one of the owners, gave them a lesson in nature.
Identifying different types of plants.
Then, back up the steep hill to our sites.
This shows you just how steep it was.
This was the first camping trip for the Gallagher kids and they seemed to enjoy it a lot!
Especially when it came to smores'.
Finding big sticks.
Sitting around the campfire.
And, enjoying sparklers.
Shelby stuck to her 7pm bedtime, especially since she only got about a 30-minute nap each day so she didn't get to enjoy all the nighttime fun.
All in time...
Our days were filled with a lot of visiting the area's waterfalls that they're so known for.
Our main stop was Dupont State Forest.
I've been here several times in my 12-years I've lived in the region.
We enjoyed a picnic at Hooker Falls before going for a swim.
Brad braved the chilly mountain water with Shelby and I took pictures from shore.
Shelby LOVED IT!
It was pretty crowded.
Look at the numbnutts jumping off the falls in the background of this picture.
So dangerous.
Afterwards, we headed up the trail to Triple Falls.
1/2 mile straight the heck up!
Not too fun with a stroller.
Shelby actually fell asleep.
Brad joked that he looked like a total redneck with his shirt off.
Oh, well.
Mountain living.
Triple Falls never disappoints.
We trekked down to the base.
Shelby was wanting to jump in.
No fear at all, she actually threw a fit because she couldn't get in.
And, our one family photo from the trip.
After the trip down the mountain, we headed into Downtown Brevard for a little ice cream and shopping.
Then, the next day we visited Looking Glass Falls in Pisgah National Forest.
A great way to end our trip.
Shelby was beat as we were too.
Another successful trip to the Blue Ridge in the books!
Now, where to next???


donna said...

Love all your camping adventures! My in laws are big fans of the campground near Calloway gardens. They also like camping at Stone Mountain. But their favorite is the campground at Disney of course :)

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Looks like another wonderful weekend, and I love your Lilly shorts!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Where to next?? Luray obviously.

Ashley said...

Looks like so much fun! Shelby looks so long and lean :)
She is getting so big!

Monica said...

I haven't been on blogger in FOREVER. Loved looking at your pics from this trip. Can't believe how blonde Shelby is getting! LOVE your short hair too!

starnes family said...

I love how you so beautifully make your campsites cute and comfortable. Where to next?!