Thursday, June 5, 2014


That's the new favorite word around our house.
I need to capture Shelby on camera saying it.
It's adorable indeed.

Girlfriend is really getting good at kicking a soccer ball.
I was never encouraged as a child to do anything athletic when it came to balls.
Well, except for a tennis ball.
I'm hoping Shelby is more athletic than I am.
Maybe she'll take after her Daddy.
At least she's getting an early start.
She's got skillz.
Buddy thinks so too.....


Sarah O said...

OMG Shelby is so cute, and good! That video will be great to show one day if she is on the soccer team in middle or high school. I love the pictures of her hugging Buddy. So sweet!

starnes family said...

She is so cute in her little RL attire!

Unknown said...

I knew the relationship would develop with her and Buddy. I love all of these pictures in particular the one with Buddy licking her arm or hand.

MCW said...

I am a believe that girls should be atheletes! She needs a lacrosse stick too!

Monica said...

Too cute.