Sunday, August 19, 2012

Long Weekend at Holden Beach

 Can you believe Summer is almost over???
I'm not a fan of this time of the year and I think it may have something to do with memories of going back to school.
I wasn't a fan for some reason.
I wanted it to stay Summer all year long.

Before the Summer comes to a close we decided to meet some friends at Holden Beach for a long weekend.
Only about a 3-hour drive from Charlotte, it's less crowded than most of the other Carolina beaches.
Lucky for us, Brad's best friend from childhood, his family has a home there.
Only 2 blocks from the beach, it's absolutely lovely.
 Arriving Thursday evening after work, we woke up at the beach on Friday and spent all day soaking up the sun and enjoying the water.
 This was my first trip to the beach 'maternity style'.
Thank God my cousin gave me one of her old suits that was perfect and saved me $$.
I'm actually surprised I'm keeping it real and posting a picture of me in my swimsuit.
I guess because I waited so long to be pregnant I don't really care what people think! 
NO, I'm not like Kourtney K. or Tori Spelling and rock a bikini being big prego.
After the beach the boys cooked up a low-country boil for dinner.
Ally enjoying her crab legs!
I ate my share too and holy smokes was I paying for it overnight!!
Remember, my mystery pain?
Well, it's still around and the spicy seafood did it no good.
I've been to a GI doctor and back to my OB, and they both think it has something to do with acid-reflux and my gallbladder not working totally right, even though I don't have gallstones.
All in all, I really have to watch what I eat and anything with Old Bay will not be on my list in the future..
...Moving On...
Ally and E were nice enough to bring something for Baby Girl S.
(ignore my ugly tan lines)
A fun rattle, teething ring and my favorite...a copy of Good Night Moon!
We love it all!!
 The rest of the night was spent sitting around chatting it up and drinking Pimm's cup.
(Of course, I wasn't drinking Pimm's)
 Saturday turned out to be beautiful weather.
We spent the day lunching on the water, a long walk on the beach, then dressed for dinner on nearby Ocean Isle.
We chose the Giggling Mackerel right on the water.
After dinner we caught up with some Charlotte friends who were also in the area celebrating a 30th birthday!
The big 3-OH is always the best!
 Happy Birthday Aaron!!
Her husband went all out with a weekend at the beach with friends, jewels, a cake, flowers and even made this photo banner for her.
I would say he did pretty good!!
And, of course, I had to get her a 'pimp' wine glass to make the night complete!
What a GREAT weekend with friends!
I just hate that we're now back to reality and back to work tomorrow!


MCW said...

Looks like fun! And you should rock a bikini!

starnes family said...

I love how much yall travel! You need to come out here after baby S is born and spend a weekend with us.

Your maternity suit is precious and you look fantastic in it.

And, the house? To die for! Reminds me of Kelly's.....have you ever seen it? Fabulous doesn't even cover it.

Anonymous said...

Your bathing suit is cute! And so is their house! I love the second porch/balcony. I told Brian that when we move into a house that's the one thing I'd reeeallly like - two would be even better. Ha! I'd be out there all the time.

Everything looks so good! Glad you all had such a great time!


donna said...

I love beach vacations...can u believe next summer, you have a lil one with you at the beach? Eeeep...I bet she'll be one stylish lil gal.

Jo said...

What a great way to spend the end of summer ~ perfect location, good food and lots of fun times with friends. You look fabulous!

Have a great week~

Mandy said...

Looks like a perfect weekend! I miss beach vacays and crab legs and ice cold cans of beer during the summer ;)

Annie said...

The ole Giggling Mackeral - so fun and essential when you're in the area! Glad you guys had a fun beach weekend!

eas said...

What a great weekend at the beach! You look beautiful in your suit and that crab boil looks so good. I've never actually had it before!

Easton wife said...
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Easton wife said...

Opps hit the wrong button .... anyway my comment said I love your blog and reading about expecting your little girl! I am so excited to meet mine in 10 weeks!! That suite is VERY cute. I had the hardest time finding one I liked so I ended up with maybe four that I will never wear haha. Glad you had a nice little trip!

Ashley said...

you look so adorable. I like that bathing suit, but YOU could rock the bikini :)