Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day in Badin

Happy Mother's Day!!
We had a lovely one!
My parents live about 2 and 1/2 hours east of us now and since we had a prior commitment on Saturday, we decided to have them meet us halfway in Badin, NC for lunch.
It was about an hour or so drive for each us.

We have driven through Badin (which is the foothills of the Uwharrie National Forest)on the way to their house and knew they had a lake so we picked it thinking there might be a cute little place to eat on the water.
 Well, nothing too much as far as restaurants on the water but I did manage to find a golf club and inn with a restaurant.
When arriving I was pleased to see just how cute it was!
We ate lunch on the veranda overlooking the golf course.
 Very pleasant and charming.
They had the place decked out for Mother's Day which made it even nicer.
For those of you who follow me on Instagram(@DeNanner or Dee Stephens), you've already seen this picture of me and my Mom.
I love the filters on Instagram!
So nice that my parents don't live 5-hours away anymore in crazy, traffic Atlanta and we're able to meet them in just an hours drive.
As usual, we took a few pictures on the golf course after lunch.
 I gave my Mom some flowers and a bottle of Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs(because I'm a cheezball and love that stuff).
After lunch, when we got ready to leave, it started to rain.
Perfect timing for a perfect day.
How was your Mother's Day?


RiverCityWallers said...

My best friend loves th airbrush stuff!! I'm nervous to try it!!!

starnes family said...

I love little finds like this! Well done.

Yall look great in the photos!

Unknown said...

What fun! You look fab, and I love the air brush spray, too. Back in the day, I wore it all the time, I need to start primping more!

donna said...

What a great mother's day! You ladies look gorgeous. I love the location that you picked to celebrate.

MCW said...

My mother's day was not so glam as yours. We hung out at my sisters, went for a walk, went to the grocery store and made dinner. Love the place you went!

Ashley said...

Glad you found a place. And the gift for your mom- lol!! we brought my mom to brunch and i have her a new work out top and pants... a lot of her work out clothes are ugly. I wonder if she will wear the new stuff :)

Nikki said...

Fun! what a beautiful place for a wedding too!

Kathleen said...

Your mom looks fabulous!