Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gardening for Meals on Wheels

Giving back to your community is one of the best feelings.
I volunteer a LOT of my time whether it be through the Junior League of Charlotte or other organizations.
As many of you know I was a VERY active volunteer for the USO but in the past year had to give up some of my time there.
But, it's my luck that the company that I work for gives us 2-hours a week to volunteer.
We are able to do it on our own, join a group, or organize our own team event.

On Friday, our team did just that, a group of us worked in the garden at Friendship Trays.
FT, IS Meals on Wheels here in Charlotte.
I, have a personal connection to Meals on Wheels since my grandmother received them the last 10 or 15-years of her life.
It was literally one of the highlights of her day. She was a shut-in and it was the personal connection more than the meal that counted.
When MOW, didn't run because of a holiday, Maw Maw would tell me on the phone, that she had not seen a soul all day long.
People don't realize what a GREAT service they provide.

What's cool about Friendship Trays here in Charlotte is that they started an effort to grow a lot of the food fresh on their property and in other parts of the city through the Friendship Gardens.
Of course, it doesn't supply ALL the food but it helps supplement.
Friday was beautiful weather for it.
Some of us watered.
Some harvested.
While others mowed, weeded, planted and helped lay fresh gravel around the garden's path.
That was part of what I did.
The garden, itself, has been given a few personal touches by those that work in it all the time.
It is also very environmental.
They have rain barrels.
 And, compost bins.
This was my first experience with composting.
I have heard about it but have never actually even seen one.
 Not the most glamorous thing but it's worth it.
 All in all, a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon.
To help others!
If you are in Charlotte and interested in volunteering at the Friendship Garden or just want to learn more about their efforts and mission, click here.


starnes family said...

What an awesome thing to be part of. Well done, Dee!

Claire Kiefer said...

So cool that your company gives you two hours a week to volunteer. That's a great idea--I wish more companies did that! I love that you found something you were personally connected to. I teach at the prison (as a volunteer) every Monday night, and it's one of the things I'm most grateful for.

Henry said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing and for volunteering. FYI we have a new website for Friendship Gardens. You can find it here.

lcbc said...

Dee, Thank you so much. You cannot imagine how affirming it is to read your words and see the wonderful pictures. We believe our mission to be integral to the soul of Charlotte or any other community and you describe just that with your grandmother's experience. My mother delivered meals until she began receiving 90! I hope our paths will cross. Lucy Bush Carter, Executive Director, Friendship Trays.

Ashley said...

I love this!! So cool