Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Weekend in Pictures...

We laid low this weekend here in town.
I was gone last weekend then we're gone the next 2 weekends so it was/is needed.

Friday nights are pretty boring around here. 
We cook dinner, watch a movie, have a cocktail... but this week Shelby got a big surprise from her Daddy!
He hand crafted a stool for her! Monogram and all!!!
He was so proud of himself for burning her name into the wood.
So am I!!
She loves her stools, that's for sure.....
 Saturday morning Shelby went to her first 'real deal' birthday party with kids her age.
It was held at a bounce house place near our house, which was also, a first for her.
To say she loved it, was an understatement!!
I know it sounds so dumb to those of you who have multiple kids, but seeing her at this little party was about the cutest thing ever.
She does this at school all the time, but this is the first time I've seen her outside of that doing it.
Seriously, melted my heart seeing how big she is getting!!
 Fraser turned 3 and his Mom and Dad, Jamie and Allison, did a fabulous job!

 Shelby had a blast!!
 After the party we went home and freshened up, from sweating at the bounce houses, and met friends at Old Mecklenburg Brewery since it was such a nice day outside.
Check out how cute these two are together.
It's our neighbor's little boy, Ayden.
Shelby adores him!
 Breweries at the new thing here in Charlotte and they've made them so family friendly.
It's fun for us, because it gives us a place to meet up with friends and their kids and still have food and a beer or two!
 We even ran into one of Shelby's classmates and her family!!
 Our weekend ended with dinner at home with my cousin Alayna and her husband then Sunday we ran errands, then went to the Charlotte airport overlook for the first time.
Shelby enjoyed seeing the planes take off and land.
Now I'm getting in full-out Easter mood, if the weather would just cooperate this weekend!
They're talking about a high of 55 on Saturday! 


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Shelby really is getting so big! I am obsessed with the smocked bunnies!!! OMG! I also do not usually do much on Fridays. I am too tired from the week. I usually watch DVR and have a glass of wine. I am also hoping the weather will change and warm up this weekend. We are going to the Carolina Cup and I don't want to freeze.

Sarah O said...

What a fun birthday party. Columbia is starting to have a couple family friendly breweries and I think it's such a great idea. It's a chance for everyone to be outside and everyone has fun together.