Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thursday's Musings..

 Happy Thursday!
The weather is dreary, overcast, cold and rainy here in Charlotte today.
I worked from home today because Shelby stayed home sick from school.
Runny nose, fever, cough... it's going around.
I'm hoping she's feeling better and back at school tomorrow.

So, since I have a little extra time, I've decided to put a hodge podge post together with pictures from the past week.

Believe it or not, this past weekend was our first road trip since right after Thanksgiving.
Since then Shelby received a pair of Minnie Mouse headphones, and we finally busted them out.
She loved them!
We have a DVD player in our car, but our rules are, that it is only turned on for long road trips.
There's no need for her to watch TV just cruising around town.
Shelby is still all about the baby dolls.
My Mom found a bunch of my old doll clothes and got them out for Shelby.
I was shocked that they fit the Bitty Baby perfect!
 The weather was super nice earlier this week.
I'm talking 80's Sunday through Tuesday.
Today, the high was 48.
With that we took full advantage of the sunshine and warmth.
We went for walks and even enjoyed an impromptu picnic.
 On our way home from my parents I bought Shelby her first milkshake ever.
The shamrock shake was always a favorite of mine growing up.
Shelby kept saying, 'it's good in my tummy!'
She only drank 1/2 of it, then gave up.
The sign said this sucker had 660 calories in it!
 With Shelby being sick today, she spent a majority of the day watching movies, while I went through email, sat on calls, etc.
But, we did get a break or two to do a few things around the house, one being converting the tree in her room from St. Patrick's Day to Easter!
This is the last conversion, then this sucker is going up until Christmas.
Someone asked if I was going to do a Halloween tree, but honestly, we just aren't Halloween people.
Not judging those who are...

Anyway, Easter tree conversion in full force!!
 My Mom bought most of the items.
I think it turned out perfect.
What do you think??
 The rest of our sick day was a little cleaning...
And, some dress up!
I'm ready for the weekend and for tonight.
My LSU Tigers are playing in the tournament!!
Happy Friday Eve!

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Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Shelby is getting so tall!! I love your Easter tree. If I have a few minutes this evening, I am going to attempt to put out a few Easter things.