Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2015!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!
Our celebrations started over the weekend and continued into today.

I'm so lucky to have a flexible job that I was able to make the party this afternoon and snap a few pictures.
It was the cutest thing, Shelby's best friend's Mom bought all the kids shamrock sunglasses and flags.
She took a few snapshots this morning but the whole class wasn't there so I captured a few this afternoon.
 Then a picture of the kiddos with their two teachers.
Miss JoJo to the right was all decked out!
 The party basically consisted of a whole bunch of snacks and junk food. 
 Me with Shelby and her bestie MaKayla.
These two have been together since 3-months old.
They seriously give each other hugs and kisses bye bye each day ;)
 Waiting to get their hands and mouths washed.
 As I mentioned though, our celebrations started over the weekend with a trip to my parents house.
Brad stayed behind to recover from his 'procedure', so it was just us two.
My Mom, as usual, had the place decked out.
 Along with tons of new toys for Shelby!
 On Saturday we had big plans to attend the St. Patrick's Day festival and parade in Pinehurst but it was terrible weather with rain off and on, sometimes torrential.
So, when we got there we found out that they called off the parade.
So, we shopped around for a bit then went and took cover from the rain in an Irish pub for lunch and a little Irish music and fare.
Believe it or not, this place was pretty family friendly!
Shelby got into the music with her Poppi!
Then we made new friends...

It was a great afternoon, despite the nasty weather.
We ended the day at home with family and friends enjoying a piece of lemon ice box pie in celebration of Pi day too!!
Until next year friends!

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Sarah O said...

So fun! I love how you and your family decorate for every holiday. I'm going to need to step up my game when my little one gets here. Have you always done that or is it mostly for Shelby?