Monday, September 8, 2014

Shelby's First Trip to Virginia

This past weekend we traveled up to Southwest Virginia to visit Brad's extended family and celebrate his cousin's Spring nuptials in Las Vegas.
We brought Shelby this time and it was not only her first visit to Virginia, but also her first time to meet much of the family!

As most of you know I'm a die-hard LSU fan, and Shelby is dressed in purple and gold about 98% of football season.
 But our trip to VA, along with knowing that Brad's alma mater, VA Tech was playing a huge game against Ohio State, called for her to be decked out in Hokie gear!!
Cutie or what???
 We were all dressed for the Hokies!!
 We met up with Brad's parents and brother and his family for lunch when we got to town on Saturday morning at the Draper Mercantile.
I should have taken pictures there and done an entire post on that place.
Adorable, indeed!!
Afterwards, we hit the family circuit, visiting Brad's aunts, uncles and cousins.
Shelby was a total ham!!
Not only was she real into her Paw Paw this weekend...
 But also, Great Aunt Barbara, who she hasn't seen in over a year.
 And, Great Uncle Dennis?
I was shocked how she ran up to him and even gave him a kiss on the cheek!
She has not seen him since last June either.
 It made his day!
 Then onto cousin Mike and Kathy's house where the party was being held and we were lucky enough to be able to stay the night.
Cousin Katie(who got married back in May), was there and Shelby got to meet her cousin Caleb for the first time!
He was born one year and one month after Shelby.
 The proud Aunt and Uncle with their nephew.
(his parents were at a wedding until later)
 The kids had a big time together before and during the party.
 Kathy and Mike did a fabulous job hosting the party at their house.
 Cousin Leslie and her husband Andrew came in from Michigan.
They got married in Las Vegas months ago and we all watched via the worldwide web.
 A good time was had by all!
 To top things off, the Hokies BEAT the Buckeyes!!!!!
It could have not made for a better ending to the night!
Quick, but fun trip.
We hope to make it back up there before the end of the year.
Thanks to everyone in Pulaski for hosting all of us!


Annie said...

I love Pulaski! I didn't know his fam was from there!

Rachel said...

I was so happy to see the Hokies win!! And such a great game!

Glad y'all had a fun trip :)

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I can't get over how adorable Shelby looks! She is truly a precious little girl.

Mindy said...

Oh my gosh, stop it with Shelby's VA Tech outfit! That is too cute!!! And as someone who cannot stand OSU, I was so happy they lost!!! :)

donna said...

What a fun family trip. Love!

starnes family said...

I just can't get over how blonde Shelby is. She couldn't be cuter...and the hair just adds to it!