Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting My Anchor On..

The Fall has been my favorite season for quite some time.
It's not just the weather, pumpkins, changing of leaves and football, but it also means time to get back into the swing of things with different volunteer organizations I am part of.

One of them is my sorority alumni group.
As you know, I was a Delta Gamma at LSU, and have been part of an alumni group in every city I've ever lived in.
It's a place where I know I belong and the women are always awesome.

Last night, was our Fall Kickoff party at a member's lovely home over in Dilworth.
We enjoyed food, wine, company and our agenda for the year.
 Now that I am a Sustainer in the Junior League of Charlotte I am determined to become more involved in this group.
I was Communications Chair many..many years ago, and it's time for me to step back up to the plate.
I saw ladies who I had not seen in years, such as Naomi.
She let me live in her house for 2-months back in the day when I was waiting for my condo to be finished being built.
 And, of course, I met new members.
 It was the first alumni meeting for these two.
Fresh out of the College of Charleston.
 There a lot of great things on the agenda for this year and I am excited.
So, here's to another great year!
One where I am more involved!!
Anchors Away!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I love fall too!! One of the things I am most excited about when I finish school is having my evenings back so I can get involved in something.

donna said...

I love how you are involved in giving back. I've been considering JA but have been so afraid of the time commitment.

starnes family said...

Anchors away! Yay for DG! I already have Lainey trained, too.