Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Five

 I loved the short week!!
I wish we had more of them, but a few will do.
We're on the road again this weekend, but just for a day.
We're headed up to Southwest Virginia again for a family wedding party for Brad's cousin on Saturday.
She's the one who got married over the internet in Vegas back in the Spring. 
We're taking Shelby this time so she can meet the rest of the extended family.
So, be ready for picture overload from that.
Until then, my Friday Five.

#1. Pictures from Labor Day weekend at the lake.
I know this blog is picture heavy, but it is what it is. This is my journal.
 Shelby is all about golf cart rides!
Both of her grandparents have one and she's obsessed.
 Uncle Brad is the best when it comes to throwing kiddos!
 #2. My cousin Alayna bought Shelby this t-shirt from Harrod's during her trip to London.
BIG SCOOP from cousin Alayna.
We could not be more excited!!
Big move for her, she's lived in Arkansas her entire life!
#3. My Mom is a nerd and bought us all these shirts while in Bald Head so we could have our photo taken together. 
 #4. Shelby is doing really good these days.
She has her moments but she's really learning to share and she's made a new friend in the hood.
Her and Ella spent hours in the pool together on Monday and were even jumping in together.
 And, check out the Happy Gram we received yesterday!!
#5. I haven't posted much about our meals in recent months, but I've been a cooking machine and have somehow managed to have dinner on the table by the time Brad gets home from work at 6pm.
I credit it to the learning tower Brad made.
One of our favorites now that spaghetti squash is back in season are the squash boats with grilled chicken.
Brad told me tonight that he would have never dreamed that he would have liked these.
We did them last year, and they are delish and super easy!
 Happy Friday to you all and go Hokies and Tigers this weekend.
I'm actually going to have Shelbs sporting VT colors this weekend since they're playing Ohio State!


Alayna said...

great pics! Paige's hair is so pretty and long! excited about the big move:)

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

The food pic looks absolutely delicious!! I love the matching shirts pic too.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture heavy blog posts!! It looks like you all had such a good time :) I love the lake photos and Shelby's happy gram is so sweet!

Mandy said...

A blog without pictures is boring, in my opinion! Love all your photos!

starnes family said...

I love the matching shirts.

Yay for throwing kids! Blake is good at it, too. Awesome pics.

Annie said...

Yay for Alayna!