Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Why I Like Camping

When people learn that I like to camp a majority of them are surprised.
I'm guessing it's because I'm pretty girly girl with the way I dress and present myself.

Giving that, today I thought it would be fun to do a post on why I love camping and how the fascination came about.
First and foremost...
I did NOT grow up camping.
My parents took us camping when we lived in Europe when I was about Shelby's age.
My Mom still describes it as an afforable place for a family to stay while visiting Italy. She said she was embarassed. My Mom is not and probably will never be the 'camper' type. 
My Dad isn't much of a camper either despite spending many years sleeping in the woods as an infantry soldier.
My love for everything outdoors really came back in 1999 when I moved from Baton Rouge aka 'Swampland' to Reno-Tahoe after college.
I had grown up around the Ozarks Mountains and really didn't think much of them.
But, when I moved to Nevada and got a glimpse of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Mountain Range and all of their beauty?
Everyone who lives in Reno-Tahoe is hooked and most activities and social events are centered around doing active, outdoor things.

I quickly learned to ski at the age of 23, got into hiking, rafting, biking... and always wanted to go camping but never really found anyone that was as interested as me.
That is, until I met Brad.

I took him hiking on this trip, and we saw families camped out in the State Park and I mentioned what great wholesome family fun it would be one day.
He agreed, but wasn't over the top open to the idea until we met our friends Katie and Josh.
Josh talked him into it and with our first trip he was a big fan.
Click here for a recap.

We tent camped for a couple of years then when we had Shelby he decided that we needed a camper and how it would be great 'family fun'.
And, you know what?

Camping is allowing us to teach Shelby how to love and appreciate the outdoors and all the great things each State and park has to offer.
It's teaching her that fun isn't always in a 5-star hotel, but sometimes it's the simple things in life are great and that includes 'family time'.
Which leads me into the great family memories I believe that we are making with every State Park, campground, waterfall, trail, beach, that we visit.
(yes, our next adventure is camping on the beach next weekend)
One day she'll bring a friend or friend(s), along and it will be even more fun!
Personally, when it comes to camping, there's just something I love about being outside and enjoying the night sky, the sounds of secadas, a campfire.
Brad and I both enjoy cooking at camp, meeting great people in each and every campground we go to, and just each other and Shelby.
When we purchased the camper we talked about the fact that it would be fun to camp with other couples and families but knew that the majority of our trips would be as a family of 3.

I know camping isn't for everyone, but I wanted to let you know why it is for me and our family.
And you know what?
I still manage to shower, put makeup on and sleep really well!
So, there you have it!
Why I like to camp.


LuLu said...

Love it. I love to camp too.

MCW said...

Yeah you don't come off as a camper at all! I feel like I would like long as I get to put my make up on :)

starnes family said...

I love camping, too. We don't do it enough here because of the plethora of other options, but camping in San Onofre was one of our favorite adventures so far living in SoCal. We also camped the Rocky Mountains. Amazing!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I DID kind of say, "huh?" to myself when I started reading your blog and read about your camping trips. I have always hated camping, but I think I would try it again in a camper. Your trips always look so fun!

From Foothills to Fog said...

I loved this post :) You know I love camping too! I wish we were closer so we could go on a camping trip sometime! We're off to Santa Cruz to camp on the beach for Andrew's birthday next weekend, can't wait!