Sunday, August 24, 2014

Blogging Issues and Weekend in the Queen City

Hi again!
It's getting harder to blog because, to be honest, I'm not able to access blogger or blogs at work anymore.
I know.
But, I'm 'tinkering' with the thought of just stopping.
I love blogging though and documenting our family, I just find it's getting harder.

Even so, I'm going to document this past weekend with our niece in town.

We went to the SEC kickoff party.
(All those pictures are on my phone, and I'll recap that tomorrow)
Saturday we went to the NC Aviation Museum.
It was free but super HOT!
Shelby was able to pose as if she was flying a plane.
 In the 2nd hanger we went to we were able to put our handprints on a plane.
Shelby has been teething all weekend and not having it.
I did it thought.
 We had a great time but it was hot as hell.
No A/C at this place and it was in the mid-90's.
 Last night we went to my cousin Katie and Lloyd's for dinner.
Shelby always loves playing with the toys over there.

 I'll try my best to be back tomorrow with more pics and deets of our life but this is all I have time or energy now for.


donna said...

Hope you decide to reading your updates. It's a challenge to keep up with blogs but I love looking back at some of the memories.

Anonymous said...

I just have to comment on Shelby's adorable dress! Seriously the cutest outfit ever!! :)

And I certainly hope you continue to blog! Yours is one of the few that I've continued reading on a regular basis.

starnes family said...

Good for you with the museum visit. Never too early!

starnes family said...

PS - I'm in year 9 of blogging. It's no easy task. I've tried to make a goal to post once a week to recap. For journaling purposes. I know I will treasure it all printed out one day. You will, too. Keep going!