Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Camping at Myrtle Beach Lakewood Resort

After our trip to the beach last month we knew we had to go back again before the Summer was over.
Shelby enjoyed it immensley and we still had it on our Summer bucket list to camp at the beach in our RV.
So, we penciled in a weekend and decided to stay at Lakewood Resort in South Myrtle Beach.
Last year, we had planned to camp at the resort right down the street, Ocean Lakes, but decided on this one instead because it looked more family friendly and they just added a brand new waterpark this year.
Get ready for picture post overload.
I want to detail everything because this was our first time here, but definitely, not our last.
We arrived around 12:30pm on Friday and checked in.
We quickly set up camp.
We were super close to the beach, pool and waterpark.
Walking distance.
Most people rent golf carts while there for $60 a day, but we decide we really didn't need one.
A few things to keep in mind about staying/camping at Lakewood.
First off, it's a Christian campground and alcohol is prohibited.
(of course most people there were just putting their booze in Tervis Tumblers. Which is what we did).
They did have a sign up though that said they would fine you $100 if they caught you with open container.
The second thing to keep in mind is that most of the sites don't have concrete pads.
I didn't think that was a big deal until it rained.
Uh....it makes a big difference.
The ocean front spots to have the concrete pads, but there is no shade at all.
We wanted shade.
Once we set up we hit the beach!
Super close and super easy but also more crowded than our trip to Holden.
That was to be expected.

Shelby fell right back into her beach bum status and really enjoyed playing in the sand more this time.

We didn't bring the baby pool this trip because we knew we had the waterpark and pool right behind us.
Not to mention a really nice playground that she couldn't get enough of!
This place is truly a kid's paradise.
The new water park added this year doesn't just have a lazy river, big slides, but also a toddler splash pad area that is to die for.

I didn't get good pictures because we were too busy playing, but you can see on the other side, that they had toddler water slides.
Shelby was obsessed!!!!!!
She would literally throw an all out tantrum when it was time to leave.
Aside from that there is a zero entry pool, baby pool and a big pool with a smaller slide that Brad was able to take Shelby on.
She was obsessed with this slide too.
Threw a fit when Brad was like no, we're taking a break.
At our age, we get worn out trying to do all this kid stuff!
After a long day at the beach and pool we headed back to camp to clean up, eat dinner and take in the rest of the campground that evening.
This trip we took Shelby to the bathhouse and bathed her because I was not about to have sand and dirt all over the place in the RV.
The bathhouses are super nice and clean.
Individual suites instead of a men and women's section.
Then we went for a night cruise.
We were amazed at all the things to do.
Bocci ball area and shuffle board.

Corn hole and horshoe pits.

They do stage shows every night in the ampitheater, along with fireworks on the beach at 10pm ever night.
They even had a DJ set up along the beach for a dance party that Saturday.
Aside from that, in the front of the campground there are paddle boats, mini golf and bike rentals.
Wait for it, all of this is free with your wrist bands you get for staying in the campground.

The only thing you have to pay for after you check in is a golf cart rental(if you want one) and food(if you don't bring your own).

They have beachside restaurants and carts where you can order food and sit outside and enjoy the ocean waves.

Oh, I forgot to mention that there is an indoor pool in case it rains while you're there.

Shelby could not have had more fun!

She's turning into a little camper.
Even when it rains for 2-hours and your forced to color inside.
Lakewood will be a regular trip for us each Summer, I think we plan to stay longer in the future though.
Most people stay at week.
There's just too much to do to only stay 2-nights and as she gets older she's going to love it even more.

I know we love it!!
In my opinion, it's the best way to go to the beach if you're not staying at some big resort.
We paid $88 a night for our site and that included water, electric, cable, wifi and all the amenities of the campground.
We had planned to pack up and head home early Sunday morning since check out time is 11am, but at the last minute my in-laws decided to bring our niece and nephew down and spend 3-nights in our RV.
That allowed us to spend another 1/2 day playing in the campground and not having to pack up and tow the RV back to Charlotte.
From what I hear our 8-year old nephew and 6-year old niece are having their time of their lives!
Not only is it their first time camping, but their first trip to a water park!
They're there again tonight, then they'll pack up and bring our camper back to North Carolina.
Sorry for the mega post, but we enjoyed this trip so very much.
We can't wait to go back!!
That's despite both Brad and I being stung by jellyfish that very last day!
Lakewood or BUST!


starnes family said...

Love Shelby's suit. Love this destination idea, too. It has everything!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

What an absolutely wonderful trip!!! I went to MB every summer for YEARS, all growing up and through high school and college. I have the best memories of it.

MCW said...

I have never even thought about camping at the beach. The watermark is amazing!

Sara said...

So fun!! We always had an annual trip growing up and those are still some of my best memories!

Allena said...

Wow - that's awesome, what a great trip! Shelby's watermelon dress and curls are too cute. And your hot pink fringe bikini was HOT!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Look at your in your bikini Momma! Seems like a perfect trip