Sunday, April 27, 2014

Queens Cup Steeplechase 2014

My husband Brad grew up in horse country in Northern Virginia and has fond memories of going to the 'Gold Cup' races.
We've been together, I've also been to similar races in Atlanta and the Queens Cup here in the Charlotte area.
Well, after 2-years of talking about wanting to get a group of people together to go to Queens Cup Steeplechase, it finally happened.
We, along with our good friends, Keith and LuLu, put together a tailgate for 12-people on Saturday.

The weather was epic!
80-degrees, breezy and sunny!
We had a rail spot and tent.

We made sure things looked cute but delegated everyone to bring some sort of food.

This wasn't the full spread.
We ended up with flank steak, fried chicken, pasta salad and more.

A mimosa bar was a must since we got out there at 10am.
I made these thin mint cookies.
I don't think I ate one.
I'm weird sometimes about eating things that I make.
Are any of you like that?
Giving that the weather was beyond beautiful, the turn out was huge.
LuLu, my tablescaping partner in crime.
Very long but fun day.
It's also the first time I've left Shelby with anyone ALL DAY, except for my parents.
She woke up with a fever and was screaming when we left.
Not going to lie.
It gave me a lot of anxiety throughout the day even though we love our sitter Mehgan.
After getting set up, LuLu and I decided to go and check out the grounds.
We ran into the terrier races.
Not sure what I think about this.
When these dogs took off their muzzles they were mauled looking.
We both felt uncomfortable about it.
Stopped in at the Ruth Chris' tent and bought a bottle of vino.
Then made our way back just as they were doing the National Anthem.
Then the races started soon after and the rest of our crew had arrived.

The Jolly's.
And others. 
I just realized there's one person missing from this picture.

Bets were a must.
A lot of effort and planning went into the tailgate and day but it was worth it.
Even if we didn't place in the tailgate competition(or at least that we know of).
It's a great excuse to get dressed up, wear a fancy hat and drink during the day!
And, even meet up with other friends!
A day at the races!
A great way to kick off Spring and, soon Summer!!


donatelli98 said...

So sorry Shelby wasn't feeling well! Y'all are gorgeous and love the table scape and fun foods! I rarely eat most of the items I bake. I think I taste test along the way and by the time it is finished I am over it.

MCW said...

I'm coming next year!

donna said...

How fun! Love all the details and what great weather y'all had.

Ashley said...

WHen I was scrolling through FB the other day and your pic popped up of being there Andrew saw and asked if you were at the horse races and I said ya, but she lives down South! haha. I guess that's a big thing in NZ, but not up here at all, but is down south I assume.

Ashley said...

and you should have won!

Sara said...

How fun! Love it all!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I love your insta pics of this- looks like SO much fun! Glad Shelby did alright even though she wasn't feeling well- I am glad you did have to miss out.

Tricia said...

Y'all look gorgeous, and there is nothing better than a day at the races. Growing up in Leesburg, VA, I went to Gold Cup many fun! And goodness, look at that spread of food. Y'all know how to do it right. :)

starnes family said...

Yall are so cute! And, I want a ham biscuit now. What a spread.

Nikki said...

This looks like so much fun!