Friday, April 4, 2014

Five on Friday

WooHoo! It's Friday!!!
It's been a busy one with work and I'm ready to enjoy a nice low-key weekend.
#1. The beautiful weather we've been having here in Charlotte this week.
After weeks of rain and chilly temps we actually enjoyed an entire week of temps in the 80's with sun.
It's just a bummer that we're dropping back into the 60's this weekend.
#2. Shelby's 1st Easter Egg Hunt.
Tomorrow we're taking Shelby to her first Easter egg hunt!!
I'll be interested to see how it goes giving she's still pretty young.
It's at Historic Rosedale and I managed to round up a few of Shelby's friends to join in.
Her b/f/f from school, McKayla, is one of them.
M's Mom texted me this picture on Monday.
They say Shelby gives McKayla a hug every morning when she sees her.
We just wonder if Shelby ever bites her since she seems to bite at least 1, 2 or even 3 kids a day!!!!
Yesterday was the first day in a week that we didn't get a 'naughty' note from her teacher.
The administrator even told me as I left that she was 'proud of Shelby' for not biting today.
 #3. Easy meals
I'm getting better at having dinner done by 6pm so we can eat together as a family.
Here are a few of the things I've made and they are all super easy.
Email me if you want more specific details.
VERY easy and VERY delicious.
I prepped this in 5minutes, popped it into the oven and went for a power walk with Shelby.
By the time I got back it was done and Brad was home and we ate.
 Florentine frittata.
Email me for this recipe.
It was delicious, healthy but sadly my husband doesn't like breakfast for dinner.
I'll make this again, but for a brunch.
The other recipe I made was an Italian braised chicken sent to me by Sara from Everyday Life with the Neville's.
Email me for that recipe too. I didn't take a picture but it was super easy and the entire family loved it!
#4. Queens Cup 2014
We're 3-weeks away from Steeplechase here in Charlotte!
We've got a huge group gathered to go and watch the race, sip a few mint juleps and wear big hats!
I even have a friend from high school coming in that weekend with her daughter, Shelby's age, to party with us!
LuLu and I are already planning our table scape for the big event!
#5. Future home?
Last but not least.
This could possibly be the view from our future home.
We put an offer in on this property this week and we're still waiting to hear back!!
Say a prayer it all works out!
It would be a dream come true if it does.
That's all I will share for now.


Anonymous said...

That pork loin looks delicious! I'm all for easy meals. Is the entire recipe on Aprils blog? I must have missed it.

And you're moving?! I have quite a bit of catching up to do on blog reading... That's so exciting! How does the bidding work?

Hope you and your family are doing well :)

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Oh man, that looks like a really nice view!! Good luck!!

Sarah O said...

Fingers crossed for the property! The view is gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you do for the horse race.

Mandy said...

Wow! Fingers crossed for you. That piece of land looks awesome!!

Allena said...

The pork loin looks great and 5 minute prep? Sign me up! Huge prayers for the house - we're in the midst of starting to build a house but are now thinking of walking away...and back to the drawing board! Poor Shelbs and Drew and biting. I get so frustrated when they tell me (more like scold me) that she bit. Um, she's 15 months old. She is learning how to respond to being upset. We will figure this out together. Of course Trent got expelled from daycare this week...another overdue blog, ha.

Unknown said...

Busy but fun weekend! Glad to be a part of it! Hope to see y'all at Queen's Cup! What are you planning for your tablescape?! WOW, to offer on a house! This is a place here in CLT?

donatelli98 said...

Beautiful property ... Weekend home or full time home? Same lake as your inlaws?

starnes family said...

So exciting, Dee!!!!! Keep me up to date!

Sara said...

I need more details on that property!!! Can't wait for the Queen's Cup--so much fun. I need to find a dress and big hat. :-)

Ashley said...

you make wonderful meals!! I cant believe you made all that after work and ate so early! haha. I take Tuesdays off and its pretty much the only day we have a really nice meal during the week.
AND, I HOPE YOU GET THAT PROPERTY!! HOW amazing to build your dream home.