Thursday, December 27, 2012

Visitors Galore!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 
Our Christmas was GREAT but VERY busy and packed full of family and friends galore.
I can't believe Shelby is just over 2-weeks old now.
Time is passing quickly as I'm sure it will for years to come.

I'm hoping to be able to update the blog more now that things have slowed down but we shall see how that actually works out.
Now for tonight's update.
We've yet to take Shelby out in public.
Maybe I'm paranoid but it's cold and flu season and I'm worried about her getting sick.
I almost want to wait another 2-weeks but time will tell.
Any advice here?
We have taken her to family member's houses, but that's it.

 Our first outing was over to my cousin Cindy's house so they could meet Miss Shelby.
Such fun!
Cindy is my cousin that gave me a slew of maternity clothes and baby gear too.
So thankful!
 It was so cute to see Shelby meet her cousins Cole and Quinn.
The age difference seems huge now but I'm really hoping they can grow up knowing each other and being friends.
That was our first big outing but we've had a ton of visitors.
In my last post I mentioned that Brad's brother and family came to meet Miss S, along with our neighbors.
A few days later April from A Liz Adventures came to visit.
So sweet of her and she was nice enough to bring us a meal which we plan to eat tomorrow night.
The next day friends Katie and Josh stopped by.
 Then neighbors Bryan and Shannan.
Then my Dad got to meet her.
He had seen Shelby in the NICU but did not get to hold her.
He was one happy Poppi!
 The same with Brad's parents.
They had seen her in NICU but had not held her yet.
Miss Shelby got some wear out of her little Christmas outfits that people bought her.
Some of them she wore more than once.
On Christmas Eve my sweet friend Karen stopped by.
She brought Shelby the prettiest white blanket and for us the Southern Living freeze ahead meals recipe book.
(We WILL be using that!)
 Christmas Eve is an entire post by itself but I'll mention that Shelby got to meet my cousin Katie and her family who live here in town as well.
 So cute for Shelby to meet her cousin  Lana.
 She was a little timid but did a great job when holding her.
(I'm keeping it real on here with this photo. Yes, I'm still in maternity clothes)
More to come in the next few days including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
I didn't take nearly the pictures I thought I would because we need a new camera and I was tired.

We love having visitors and look forward to more coming tomorrow to meet Shelby.
That's the main reason for this post.
I want to be sure to document all the different people who came to meet her so she can look back and see for herself.
Hope you guys are having a great week!
More tomorrow!



She is so cute!! Love the holiday outfits!! Erica

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Looks like the most wonderful holiday yet! xx

Leigh Powell Hines said...

She has the prettiest face. Happy New Year!

starnes family said...

Maybe it's because I have 3, but my opinion is that if you're taking Shelby to family's houses, you're taking her out. They expose themselves to the elements and bring them back to their houses, thus, Shelby is affected. I was always laid back about this stuff, so disregard my comments if you think otherwise. You will do what is best, I'm sure!

Loving the pics. Happy New Year!

starnes family said...

ps - she is such a little beauty. But, why don't you get her some Christmas gear? Or bows? :) That child is totally dressed to the nines! I love it.