Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Story House!!!

Brad's all time FAVORITE Christmas movie is A Christmas Story.
You know, the movie with Ralphie that they start playing on repeat on TV starting this weekend?
In honor of the season I thought I would take you back to Summer trip to Ohio
Who knew the house used in the movie A Christmas Story is located in Cleveland?
I didn't!
While visiting our friends for Labor Day we discovered this and Brad and I were both BEYOND excited to see it!
We got there to late to take the tour but don't think that I wouldn't have been one of the first people to buy a ticket!
It looks just like it did in the movie, except the neighborhood is a bit dicey(more on that in a minute).
My friend Kathleen takes all of her out of town visitors here and says during the holiday season it is packed.
 I guess they deck it out with lights and decorations.
Wouldn't you love to see it?
 There was no Red Ryder BB gun to be seen from the outside but the famous leg lamp was.
There it IS!!
 A shot of the front door.. 

 The view of the backyard.
And, the neighborhood that the house sits in.
Not the best of hoods.
 I'm sure at one time it was.
Who knows.
 My next trip to Cleveland?
I totally want to take the time to go through the museum.
I'm such a nerd for things like that.
Have any of you ever toured this house?

I know a lot of you are traveling starting tomorrow so I want to say
and SAFE travels!!


KTBFerg said...

As a kid my parents (being from Ohio) would discuss every time this movie came on just WHERE in Cleveland it was filmed. YEARS later we finally found out about this little "museum" & it finally settled the family debate! ;)

starnes family said...

I think the hood is cute! Would love to see it, too.

donatelli98 said...

How fun!! Never would have guessed it was in Cleveland.

Monica said...

My brother-in-law would be so jealous! He & my sister actually HAVE the leg lamp in all it's glory in their front window!