Friday, December 28, 2012

Random Holiday Pictures

I'm will slowly but surely post about all of our holiday celebrations but for now I'll post a few of my favorite pictures from the last couple of weeks since Shelby was born.

Shelby LOVES her Daddy.
That love will only grow as time goes on.
 Rocking her baby UGGS.
 More Daddy time as she's about to be burped.
 ......Buddy update.....
I think the pooch is wondering why in the world we haven't gone back to work and let him resume life as he knew it.
I caught him like this one afternoon.
No wonder our pillows have so much dog hair on them.
He's been great with Shelby but goes nutzo when people come over to visit.
 I've been overwhelmed at all the things people have been dropping off for both me, Brad and Shelby.
Our neighbor brought this over.
She knows me too well.  
 This picture sums up life right now.
Daddy is enamored with her.
I actually blew this up in black and white for our gallery wall, which we updated today.
(see below)
 A random picture of our dinner on December 23rd.
The potato pie is from this year's Southern Living Christmas recipe book.
 Me and Shelby before my cousin's Christmas Eve party.
Still in my maternity jeans which I assume will continue to be that way for several more weeks.
I've got 10-pounds and inches to lose.
All in time......
All in time........
Our gallery wall that I mentioned earlier in the post.
We changed out a couple of pictures and added 3 frames as well. 
So exciting!
As our family grows so does our wall!
 Shelby continues to receive packages in the mail.
Today she got this from her friend Dylan in San Francisco.
How cute and exciting is this? 
 I had to try the headband o on her after she finished a bottle.
She's half asleep in this picture but loved it.
My next post will be Christmas Eve!
Hope you're having a fabulous Friday night!


Tricia said...

Those crazy adorable Ugg boots, your gorgeous framed photo wall, how amazing you look, or that fun wine glass...where do I start? :)


So cute and I just love the one with your husband and your puppy looking at her!! Erica

donna said...

Ms. Shelby is one well dressed lil girl. Isn't it amazing and truly heart warming to receive all these generous gifts and love from family and friends?

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I love your gallery wall. She is so sweet, and I'm glad you all are getting along so well.

Unknown said...

I believe you meant to say you will post on New Years Eve. Thanks for posting the pic of Poppi. A proud moment!!!!

Unknown said...

I believe you meant to say you will post on New Years Eve. Thanks for posting the pic of Poppi. A proud moment!!!!

Holly said...

Dee, I am soo happy for you guys. What an adorable little girl! Her face is perfect! Your story is such an inspiration, you are so blessed. She will be SO loved!!

donatelli98 said...

Got your sweet note in the mail today, not only does Miss Shelby have the best wardrobe and accessories but she also has fabulous stationary! She is a true southern belle!!

starnes family said...

Baby Uggs! Jack had them, too. So cute.

Love your wall. Looking good, Dee!

Holly said...

Dee, I just caught up a bit on your blog and read your thoughts on blessed vs. lucky. I LOVE it. I guess when it happens for me I'll embrace it as a combo of both. You are LUCKY :) I just noticed the baby uggs and died. So freaking cute!!

Brooke said...

What a sweet baby! Congratulations and Merry Christmas :)

Brooke said...
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Unknown said...

You look fabulous!! That baby Shelby is a living doll. Love baby girl bows. Congrats again.