Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

 Before we get into 2013 I wanted to be sure to post about our first Christmas as parents.
So here it goes.
I'll start with Christmas Eve where we did something different than in years past.
My parents always stay with us and generally we join my in-laws in going to church on Christmas Eve followed by appetizers at BIL and SIL'S house.
BUT, this year we obviously weren't going to take Shelby to church being only 2-weeks old so we accepted an invitation to join my cousin Katie and her family at their house for the evening.

The festivities gave us an excuse to get dressed up in our holidays colors. 
Cousin Katie really decks her house out for Christmas.
She has more trees and Christmas decor than I have ever seen in one home.
Her main tree is in the living room.
 The table was all decked out for what was an AMAZING MEAL!!
(more on that later)
 Downstairs in what can be called the 'den and/or man-land, or basement', there was another tree.
That's where we enjoyed our cocktail hour before dinner.
There were all sorts of cheeses and yummy delights.
Downstairs there is also a bar where Katie put up the cutest tree adorned with 'spirited' ornaments.
 My personal favorite - drink of choice.
 Lloyd was the hostess with the mostess as to be expected.
I want to thank them both for having all of us!
 It was really a great time.
Later on we ventured back upstairs for dinner.
Katie and Lloyd really outdid themselves.
 Of course there was a tree in the kitchen adorned with all things kitchen.
She said she bought most of them from Sur La Table.
Christmas Eve turned into a late night but Miss Shelby was awesome.
She came home and literally slept almost 6-hours.
Again, we are bottle feeding so we knew she was fine and would wake when she was hungry.
She did and then Christmas morning began!
Buddy was NOT forgotten even if he may not be the main focus in the house anymore.
 Miss Shelby spent Christmas morning in her swing but Santa and her GiGi and Poppi were really good to her!
 Brad made sure to capture all the fun moments on camera.
 Speaking of Brad, we agreed not to exchange gifts this year but I surprised him with a North Face Denali Jacket.
 I felt like he really deserved it after doing most of the cooking, cleaning and everything else while I was pregnant.
He was excited.
 My Dad surprised my Mom with a Citizen watch.
 Dad, being an Arkansas fan, received all sorts of fun things 'Hog'.
I received all kinds of fun things too but my favorite is this travel Vinturi.
We couldn't help but laugh thinking about the possibility of breaking this out on the airplane mini bottle of wine.
Not sure what the people next to me might think!
After breakfast and gift opening at home we all got dressed and ready to head to enjoy Christmas day with my in-laws.
My Mom got this cute Mud Pie outfit for Shelby.
The head bow is over the top but so fun at the same time!
We brought our portable swing with us both Christmas Eve and Christmas day and it was a lifesaver!
Miss Shelby likes to get her swing on!
 Gift opening with my in-laws resulted in a TON of nice things for all of us.
We are so loved! 
 Nephew Reed was a bit bummed when opening our gift.
He had already that particular Lego Ninja we had bought.
Good thing we saved the receipt!
And, our day ended with a lovely meal prepared by BIL and SIL.
I should have taken more pictures but my camera died.
Overall, our Christmas was fabulous!!
There's nothing better than time with family and this year the addition of Shelby right before the holiday was the icing on the cake.
Now time for New Year's Eve!
Hope you all are enjoying time with your families this holiday season!


donna said...

What a beautiful first Christmas for Ms. Shelby! Your cousin's house is amazing. Perfect for family Christmas get together.

MCW said...

That is quite an outfit on Little Miss! She looks like a cookie! Glad you had a great Christmas. xoxo

Annie said...

Sounds like the PERFECT Christmas! That travel wine thingy looks amazing. And I agree - that was sweet of you to give Brad the fleece.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Your cousin's trees were great. I loved the "spirits" tree. Shelby had a great first Christmas, and I'm glad you all did, too.

Ashley said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like Shelby had a great first Christmas!