Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Arkansas Trip Part 2

The 2nd and final recap to our Arkansas recap was a trip back to the Bates family original homestead near Lake Quachita.
My grandfather purchased this land way before the lake was ever built, and actually helped in developing the lake.
After he reached a certain age he was ready to pass it on.
He left it to my Mother and her 5-siblings.
No one was interested in living 30-minutes outside 'town' in the country except my Uncle Gary.
So, he bought everyone out and developed the land into a beautiful homeplace where my younger cousin now lives.

They have added a screened in trampoline to the backyard and it was Shelby's first time to experience one.
She LOVED jumping around with her cousins!
 Just check it out!

 I was so excited for Shelby to meet her cousins Scout, Jayden and baby Jax.
Baby Jax is only a few months younger than Shelby and already has a baby brother on the way!
 After playing outside and inside Jayden's room filled with toys, we headed up to the lake for lunch with a bunch of other family.
15 adults in all and 5 kids!
 After lunch we hit the kiddie pool, the main pool, then Lake Quachita!!!
 What a GREAT family day with all my cousins and their children.
 We stopped at an island on the lake and swam around.
Lake Quachita is National Forest land and no one is allowed to build on it.
 A great way to end a wonderful family trip!
 I'm almost considering making this an annual trip for Shelby and I.
An awesome way for her to get to know her cousins!


donna said...

Family trips are important. I adore having that childhood experience. Glad y'all had a great time.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

That looks like such an amazing place to visit-beautiful and peaceful. Reminds me a bit of the house they all hide away in in the Ya Ya Sisterhood movie. I want a pool in that exact shape for our backyard. So glad you had a wonderful trip!

starnes family said...

I love the jumping from the boat pic. And, I love the adventures you take Shelby on. We're on our 3rd road trip for the year after the two week WDW/Keys trip. Love taking kids out into the world!