Thursday, May 1, 2014

Charlotte Blogger Wine Tasting

It's no secret that I love me some wine.
Any type of wine, except muscadine.
Remember the post I did about the wine tasting I did with Junior League friends recently?
Well, after that post, Rachel from No Simple Language ,suggested that we do a similar event with a small group of Charlotte bloggers.
She offered up her home and I helped organize.
Golly Geezers, it was such a fun evening!!!

What a lovely home Rachel and her family have.
Like before, everyone brought 2 bottles of vino.
One for competition and one for the prize pool.
We had 4 whites, 6 reds.
Paper bags to hide labels with numbers.
All my favorites showed up including Sara.
Everyone brought a munchie.
We had all kinds of cheeses and crackers, I made cupcakes, we had cookies and more.
There were 10 of us.
The perfect size for this type of event.
 The prize pool.
We decided to do a white winner and a red winner.
Worked out perfect.
So fun to catch up with everyone, including Anni, who came just a few weeks post partum!
And new Mommy Mindy.
The entire group with Maggie after her trip to Krispy Kreme with Daddy!
The winning wines were a bit of a shocker to me.
The red was a red from Aldi, of all places for $5.99.
It's called Intermingle.
The white, a Chateau St. Michelle Riesling, which I really usually don't even like.
Thanks again to Rachel for opening her home to all of us!
I say we do it again around the holidays!
Let me know if you want to participate or even host!
Time to drink more!


Sara said...

Such a fun time! Thanks again for organizing. Next time I'll try to have my act together and bring a real app! :-)

Mindy said...

So much fun!! Thanks again! Hope you don't mind, I stole a few pics for my blog :) Can't wait to do it again!!

Rachel said...

Such fun! Thanks again for all your help!!

starnes family said...

You like wine? Nooooooo.

Sarah O said...

It's so fun to see bloggers together. Looks like such a fun get together.

donna said...

How fun! On my bucket list to host a wine party like this.