Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Day is Upon Us!

I've never been a huge Valentine's Day fan but over the years I've learned to embrace it more and more.
Maybe it's because I have a wonderful husband to spend it with now where in years past I was single at home hoping for flowers from anyone.
Read my thoughts about the holiday by clicking here.
While us adults have different thoughts on the holiday kids are different!
Valentine's Day is all about candy and trading cards at school!
Of course, we haven't been lucky enough to have kids of our own yet but we have nieces and nephews!
Including these adorable two.
Cute little faces, aren't they?
Of course, you know how much I love pictures!
So, I was texting with my sister-in-law last night and suggested she do photo cards for the kids to give at school this year for Valentine's Day.
I generally use Tiny Prints for cards and they have all sorts of fun and cute designs.
Just click here.
Nephew Reed is all about super heroes these days including Spiderman so I am thinking this would be super-duper cute.
And for Paige?
This cute design.
If you don't have kids and didn't get a chance to send out Christmas cards you could always send out your own Valentine's day greeting card with a picture of your pet or you!
Or, having a Valentine's Day party?
There's a ton of designs for that as well.
See them all by clicking here.
I'm a big fan of Tiny Prints and even used the for a lot of our wedding stuff.
Learn more about them by following them on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.
YAY for Valentine's Day!


starnes family said...

Love these! Super cute. Laine would love the kitty.

MyInnerCheerleader said...

So Cute. My nieces would love these! I too use to hate Valentine's Day until I met my Husband. Now I don't mind it so much.

Nikki said...

Those are adorable! My nephew is really into super heros too. I saw a cute valentine on pinterest using suckers and adding a super hero cape. I sent to my sister immediately!

Unknown said...

I never got around to my Christmas Cards this year and I thought...why not do Valentine's cards? I think I just might. Thanks for the tip!

donatelli98 said...

Did you see the coupon offer on Zullily today for Tiny Prints? Check it out. I can text you the link if you need it. My girls picked out cheapy ones from target - but these are so much cuter!

Anonymous said...

love the idea! I think we will make v-day cards for blake!

Melissa Blake said...

those are so adorable!!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Dee, this is a great idea! How cute. Love the kitty cat one. Love it.

LuLu said...

Love them. Too cute.

LuLu said...

Love it.

Sara said...

I've never realized how much Reed looks like Brad!!

Super cute cards!