Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little Known Facts about Dee

Thanks to Homesick Cajun for my award.  She's the awesome blogger who designed my blog!

The Stylish Blogger award comes with revealing 7 little known facts about yourself.  Well, here we go and I'm saving the best for last.

• I like to watch TV in bed versus the couch. I’ve been like this for years. Maybe it was being single for so long? In almost every place I’ve ever lived (except for now)I rarely sat on my living room couch. Even now, I end up –upstairs in bed and Brad stays on the couch when watching teevee. Weird? I don’t know.

• I go through phases where I eat the exact same thing for breakfast every single morning. Right now I’m on a cereal kick but in 2 or 3 weeks I will probably revert back to my toast with peanut butter and jelly on top. In the summer it’s yogurt and fruit.

• I really don’t care for baby or wedding showers where people open gifts. Yes, I plan to have a baby shower(one day) but for goodness sake there will be wine and champagne so people can ‘deal’. I didn’t have a bridal shower because of this.

• I don’t like being barefoot. I always have to have some sort of shoes on when walking inside or out. I think this has to do with the way I was raised – my Mom scolded us for walking barefoot in fear of germs and who knows what else. I personally hate the feel of crumbs or whatever else is on the floor on my feet.

• I rarely paint my finger nails. It literally makes me crazy if they get chipped so I avoid it all together.

• I think fake flowers are tacky. Sorry to offend anyone but I think fake flowers in your house or in your yard might make you a redneck. Yes, I have an Aunt who does both but I still love her to pieces!

Last but not least…

Here’s the most interesting little known fact about Dee that I’m sure most of you don’t know.

• I was raised in Jimmy Swaggert’s church and even went to his school until I was in the 9th grade. For those of you too young to remember who he is. Click here.

Yes, I was even in church the day when he got up and cried and said ‘I have sinned!’. Talk show host Geraldo was sitting in front of me. Needless to say – I’m not a Swaggite anymore and never really was despite the 4x’s a week I went to church there for 11 years.

That’s it for this Wednesday! Hubby and I have date night tonight and we’re going to eat sushi!


Annie said...

I hate fake flowers too!!!! I think they look el cheapo. Yall have fun on your hot date!

I Do Declare said...

Jimmy Swaggert? Now that's a random fact!!!! Of course you know I have some things in common: ditto on the gifts (I DRIPPED in nervous sweat having people watch me open gifts at my weddnig showers - HATE it) and also LOVE watching tv in bed! When I was single I left the TV on while I slept!

donatelli98 said...

Wow on the Jimmy Swaggert - I had no idea!! I hate fake flowers too ... there are some that look ok but most are just are down right tacky. Barefeet - must be the FL girl in me but I take mine off as soon as I get inside my house. I do wear shoes everywhere else though - except my house, my mom's house and my Granny's house - b/c I know theirs are super clean! I enjoy showers but hate opening presents in front of a bunch of people - hate being on display like that - especially if I don't care for a gift! PS - I like watching tv in my bed too!

DSS said...

So many thoughts! I used to eat a balogna & cheese sandwich with mayo on white bread with a bag of tortilla chips for lunch every day. I did this for 2 years straight. I just didn't care about food. At all. And I weighed 98lbs. What a shame I started caring about food :(

Right there with you on the shower situation. And can we talk GAMES? Vom.

There is a house here where the person living there has an entire garden of fake flowers. I walked up and touched one one time just to be sure. Yup.

Jimmy Swaggert is something. And that you were right there in his church! That is something. I don't have any famous preacher stories, but I do know that ol Jerry Fallwell was living just up the road and I just was NOT a fan. RIP Jerry. Still not a fan.

Deviled Megs said...

AMEN to the showers comment. Have you been at the ones where they PASS the freaking gifts around? Horrible.

Sara said...

I've gone to several showers recently where everyone brings the gifts UNwrapped and they do a big display table to show them off. So much better than sitting through all that Ooohing and Aahhing! Champagne and wine make any shower better though. Fo sho!

I used to hate being barefoot too. Now I take my shoes off as soon as I get inside. Trey wants to make our house germ free because of the germs our shoes bring in, but I think our friends might think we've lost it. It makes sense though!! Especially after you've had a baby and he/she is crawling all over the floor where people's nasty shoes have been.

I only watch TV in bed if Trey refuses to watch RHO??? For some reason, once my head hits the pillow - I'm out.

Fun stuff!! And now you know a lot about me too. ha! Sorry...totally rambled.

The Jones Family said...

I'm always in our bedroom when it's time to watch my shows. It's my favorite place to be as well and has been for as long as I can remember.

I have fake flowers but can assure you they aren't cheap! :)

I'm not a huge fan of watching gifts be opened either. My kids don't even open their gifts at their parties. We simply take them home and do so in private.

Have fun on your date night!

Allyson and Dave said...

Do people really have fake flowers outside?? That is pure tackiness!! I saw a wedding once with fake flowers...that really bothered me.

I have had my nails unpainted for two weeks now and it is killing me. I have to have painted nails!!! Try an axxium does not chip...lasts about 10-12 days but is a pain to get off.

Dee said...

You're welcome boo! Jimmy Swaggart? Wow lol!

MCW said...

I hate showers. I will not have a traditional one (wedding or baby.) My family is already aware of this fact. The Twins both had display showers and Rose's baby shower was a cocktail party. SOOOO much better.

Lindsey said...

Normally I am a total hater of fake flowers - I say fresh all the way. Although, there are some fake flowers that look really good and I don't mind. But you have to know how to use them and keep it from being tacky!!

I have a few friends who have them plastered all through their house and I cringe every time I see them! Some people take it way overboard!! yucko!!

The Lenzers said...

I thought you were going to "announce" something for the end. good things to know, we are kind of alike in several of them.

Lyns said...

I'm not sure what my favorite part of this post was! Completely agree on the painted nails, and love the Swaggart tidbit!

Ashley said...

I LOVE watching TV in bed. Before I was married, that is all I did. I never turned on the tv anywhere else. THEN, this little thing called DVR came along- and I seem to NEVER watch shows live anymore- I even wait 15 minutes to start watching them so I can fast forward through commercials. AND, DVR is only on the TV in the living room, so it has forced me to watch TV on the couch!
AND, I COULD NOT AGREE More with the opening gifts thing at showers. I had 2 requests for my baby shower- Alcohol and NO wrapped gifts. I heard the sangria was very weak and tons of people still wrapped gifts! Ugh!
Also, agree on fingernails. Haha- My mom would die if I had fake flowrs in my house- therefore she brings me a live plant every month. Ha- She doesn’t like how I put fake flowers on Anika’s head either :))
ANd, I need to go see what Jimmy Swagger is.

Jenny DB said...

OMG AMEN on the showers sister, AMEN. I would die a happy lady if I never had to guess the number of toilet paper squares ever again. And I kindove don't like Callie on Grey's anymore after her baby shower episode... seriously. Mimosas = a must or I'm not going. I'm happy to bring a gift but not only do I NOT want to watch you open it and ooh and aah I don't think you should want to open it either. AWKWARD!

Jo said...

Are we related? I feel that same as you on all the points except Swaggert ~ you got me on that one! :)


LSU Melanie said...

Hey when are ya'll going to be in town???

If the shoe FITZ said...

I hate stepping in crumbs or dirt too. My Reefs are my "house shoes". In our old house I would go upstairs to bed and watch tv and the hubs would stay downstairs. Then we moved and I thought why don't we try to not have a tv in our room. One year later and we made it! Can't believe it...but we actually go to sleep rather than flip channels all night! ha!
Hate fake flowers too. Although I think I have some greenery to cover up a plug! But that's it!!! haha!

Jen said...

I second your nail polish comment! When I paint mine, they chip the same day! Even when a do the multi-coats. So now, I only paint a few times a year! ;-)

Happy Friday Dear! xo

Nikki said...

I guess I'll have to go figure out who Jimmy Swaggert is ;)

We had sangria at my bridal shower and I was on the phone with the bank for part of it because my credit card # was hijacked. So I had a lot of sangria and don't really remember the shower!