Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday

I'm heading to the mountains today for a girl's hiking weekend and can't wait!
Let's just hope the weather pans out unlike last weekend when we were camping in Virginia!

I'm thinking up with A. Liz again this week for 5 on Friday.
#1. Now that Shelby is on the move we've had to start rearranging some things in our house.
First things first, our living room.
The big coffee table in the middle of the room just wasn't going to work anymore.
Here's the best before and after I could get.
#2. Shelby's school is flat out awesome.
They really go out of their way to make the parents feel like they're not missing out on things.
They takes pictures all the time, send them to us and do cute little things like this.

Shelby doesn't take a paci but she's known to steal the other babies.
The reward is because we send avocado to school with her all the time.
The most recent picture we received yesterday was this one.
Her teacher said she was playing with the books when all of a sudden they looked over and Shelby had decided to take a nap under the exersaucer!
#3. I'm loving that Shelby can finally wear her baby flip-flops!
They don't stay on like I would like, but they're still cute as can be!
#4. Next on my list is the countdown to football season!
Brad and I are both counting down the days!

#5. Speaking of football season, we've decided to spend the kickoff weekend(Labor Day), at the beach!
We're camping with LuLu and Keith down in South Carolina.
Don't think that I haven't already come up with how we'll decorate our site!
A little Hokie gear, a little LSU gear and Lulu will be sure to represent Clemson!
What are you loving this Friday??


Unknown said...

Great furniture arranging. Her nap spot is precious, love her WANTED sign. Have a fun weekend.

I Do Declare said...

That Wanted sign is HILAR!

Unknown said...

What a funny picture of her asleep in her exersaucer! Too cute! And my husband was just saying we're going to have to baby proof soon! We've got tons of book shelves that have tipping potential- makes me nervous!

Happy Friday, Dee!

Allena said...

Paci Bandit! That cracked me up. Happy Friday!

MCW said...

The pic of her asleep is prob one of my favorites ever!!!

Have a fab weekend! Can't wait until our girls weekend. xo

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Shelby looks so cute sacked out at daycare! That doesn't seem like a comfortable way to sleep, but she looks like she is out.

Landlocked Mermaid said...

what a sweet thing they do to send you those pictures! We've got a guac lover on our hands too! I love how Shelby takes the pacis. Too cute! Enjoy a great and fun filled weekend with your girls. Enjoy the downtime MOmmy you earned it xoxo

Leigh Powell Hines said...

That is a great school. Such a cute photo.

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Shelby is just the cutest and how blessed you are to find such an awesome and caring school for her! Yay fall and apple cider! I'm right there with ya! Have a good weekend!

eas said...

Your redo on the room looks awesome. I really need a girls weekend away!

starnes family said...

My kids didn't wear flip flops until almost age 3 and 4. In California! Crazies.

Love Shelby's school! So cute.

Tricia said...

Shelby's school sounds so fantastic. The Wanted sign just kills me. Too cute! Hope you had fun with the girls this weekend.

Ashley said...

OH my gosh! her falling asleep like that! She seems to go down easy huh? My mom and A's sitter say A will just go up to them and say she is tired and just fall asleep. She doesn't do that for me! That sign is so funny!!