Thursday, June 21, 2012

BabyMoon Part 4: Cayman Cont. and Jamaica

The last and final BabyMoon post takes us back to Grand Cayman and to Ochos Rios, Jamaica.
I picked up our prints from the disposable/waterproof camera today.
We're totally buying a digital camera that is waterproof, because these photos look like they're from 1980.
Even so, I wanted to share.

This is from our stingray encounter in Grand Cayman.
Brad is getting a 'massage' from the stingray.
 As I mentioned yesterday, the whole experience is very cool.
If you ever get a chance to go to Stingray Island be sure to do it.
 It was better than being in a swimming pool.
 As I mentioned, the snorkeling was even cooler than the stingrays.
 We are so ready to go back!
 It was like being in a fish tank! 
The fish were beautiful!
 We had back to back port days.

Meaning, the day after Grand Cayman we woke up in Ochos Rios, Jamaica.
We know a lot of people who have honeymooned in this area so were excited to explore.
When looking out the window that morning I was surprised to see that it was more mountainous than Grand Cayman!
 Very pretty!!
 When looking for excursions in Ochos Rios we really would have preferred to do a zip line.
Not really something for pregnant women.
So, we signed up for the Dunn's River Falls.
 It was only a 5-minute drive from port and when arriving at the park it was clear that the area was full of 'retailers' trying to make money off tourists.
We were asked to buy every piece of junk you can imagine.
Very annoying.
As for the falls?
They were amazing!
I wasn't sure at first if I should do the hike being pregnant but decided to go for it.
As many of you know, I hike quite a bit so was confident that I could do it, my only worry was how slick some areas would be.
 Well, I'm here to tell you that it wasn't that bad.
Apparently, they scrub the rocks each morning to ensure there is no algae on them.
No kidding.
 We had a blast!!!
 We both agreed that we wouldn't go back to Jamaica though.
A little too impoverished for us.

After the hike, we skipped the town and headed back to the boat.
The town was nothing but people begging you to buy junk and it's not something we were interested in.

That night we got dressed up for our 2nd formal dinner night.
I didn't bring another cocktail type dress because honestly, my ta-ta's have gotten a little too big to look decent in any of them.
 Every night we tried to get sunset pictures.
Some nights were better than others.
 Our last day was a day at sea.
We relaxed and ate.
Dinner started with a crab cake.
 And, grilled portabella mushroom.

I didn't take pictures of our main entrees.
A great meal to end the vacation!
 And, a great sunset!
Can you believe this?
 Hope you've enjoyed my 4-part BabyMoon recap!!
Now, onto new topics!!


MCW said...

Your recaps are great. I heard Jamaica is NOT nice unless you stay at a great resort, but then you can't leave.

Anonymous said...

I loved hearing all about your trip! It looks like you had so many fun adventures on your trip! I'm not sure that I'd be comfortable in Jamacia with everybody asking you to buy stuff... I feel awkward enough in the mall when people at the kiosks ask you stuff.

Annie said...

Loved your recaps! So fun that you're super honest haha!

Aunt Grits a.k.a Maggi said...

looks like y'all had a great time!

Sarah O said...

I loved the recaps! It was fun to live vicariously through your posts. So do you think you would do a cruise again?

Ashley said...

I have heard mixed things about Jamaica...ehh, I dont like what you described. My parents went to cayman when I was younger for a work trip and I remember watching their sting ray video :) I would love to go there.

Megan said...

Yeah, I have two friends that went to Jamaica and they said they couldn't leave the resort. Looks like what you did get to do was fun though!

Mandy said...

Loved the recap! Would you do a cruise again? Think it was worth it? Excited for new topics...and baby updates ;)

donatelli98 said...

Loved your comment about your cocktail dresses and your tatas! The joys of pregnancy! You still look fabulous though!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

YOu look beautiful. Good to hear about Jamaica.

Tricia said...

Your trip looks amazing. I love how y'all are smiling so big in each two were truly have the time of your life. I love it. Those crab cakes look incredible, and I of course love your LSU visor. :) So happy you two got time to enjoy this great getaway before your sweet little one arrives.

Sara said...

Fun trip!!! So glad y'all ventured to Stingray Island. Isn't it crazy??? I just want to know how they KNOW those stingrays are nice? How do they know an intruder doesn't get in every once in awhile? And might shoot his stinger into my heart? I'm just sayin........ :)

Y'all should definitely go back and enjoy the town. It's awesome! One of my favorite places ever!

Wiz said...

Glad you did Dunne's River. I forgot about the shops you have to walk through afterwards though. John and I practically ran through them. We never left the resort while there either because I hate being harrassed while shopping!