Thursday, April 12, 2012

Random Thoughts and Pictures Thursday

I've been feeling a little lost for blog content as of late.
I'll try and post more fun stuff such as recipes in the next few weeks.
As for today..
Just a random thought and picture Thursday.
I won a giveaway over at Ashley's blog a few weeks ago and last week my loot arrived!
It included their newest flavors, I choose the Passion Fruit as my favorite!
 As you may have seen in my last post I made cupcakes for our Easter lunch tablescape and dessert.
Here's what they looked like before colored sugar and sprinkles.
Carrot with cream cheese frosting.
I was lazy and used a cake mix, and honestly.. I won't be doing that again.
This weekend I'm thinking of making this or some other cake.
Stay tuned..
 I had to share this picture of sweet Buddy on the ride home from Easter at my parents.
He never likes to lay down in the car anymore on long rides and it drives me nuts!
So, this time I went out of my way to get him as comfortable as possible so he would feel secure to snooze even though Brad was driving 90-miles an hour and slamming on the brakes.
 The Arnold Palmer tea/lemonade packets are my new favorite and I generally only drink water.
Perfect for Summer and you could even add some Firefly vodka to really get your party started.
It's turned off cold again here in the Carolinas and I'm over it.
Just as everyone plants their Spring flowers, brings back their sandals.. WHAM! 30-degrees again.
At least they're forecasting 82-degrees on Sunday.

We have nothing too major planned for our weekend festivities.
What about you?


I Do Declare said...

I am going to try those packets!!!!

Annie said...

Love your random thoughts. Buddy looks so cute!

Kimmie @ Hello Mess said...

GREAT photos, girl! I'm new here and I LOVE the look and feel of your site so far! Off to check out some more posts. Have a wonderful week! xo

donatelli98 said...

Hummingbird cake is so good! I have made the original version from my Southern Living cookbook; havent' tried the bundt version.

Mandy said...

Those packets look great! I'll have to see if I can get them on amazon!

MCW said...

That is a good win!!! Breakfast for a month!

Vale ♥ said...

Those cakes look so delicious =)

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donna said...

The arnold palmer drink looks delish. Thanks for your comment about my Indian outfits. A friend of mine let me borrowed those outfits so that was really nice.

Christa said...

Had to catch up on reading your blogs (was soooo busy lately) but enjoyed it very much. You sure know how to make things look good. Your caramelized banana pudding might be something I have to try really soon. Thanks for sharing all your good ideas.

starnes family said...

Sweet Buddy.

I have never tried that lemonade/tea mix, but people adore it!

Sara said...

Um...excuse me! You are going out with us tomorrow night. That is major!! :-) Looking forward to it.

The Jones Family said...

We love Arnie P's in the Jones house! Those cup cakes look delish :)

My hubby is there in NC again, wish I was too!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Hey, I'm behind. Buddy looks so comfy in his seat.

I just got your e-mail, and I will respond later. So sorry about not being able to get together. I will miss seeing you, but totally understand.

Impulsive Addict said...

Just so you know, I love Buddy! If you want to give him to me, you can. =)

Those cupcakes look amazing!


The Soladay Family said...

Love Buddy lounging in the backseat. Haven't tried the APs but will now!

Wiz said...

I hear you! I have been struggling for things to talk about lately. One thing I am loving about TX is the warm weather (I am sure I will regret this in the summer.) I always hated when it would go from the 70s to the 30s in TN. So depressing! Glad it got warm again!

Nikki said...

Oh Buddy. Issy will whine in the car unless we're on the freeway. I do everything I can to keep her quiet too ;)

Can you freeze that yogurt?..that's a ton!