Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012 - Good Friday Dinner

Easter weekend has come and gone and boy was it fun!
We traveled to my parents house in Eastern NC this year after hosting the holiday meal at our house for 2-years.
 Mom had the place decked out with Easter greatness.
 Her beautiful tablescape for Good Friday dinner.
 My in-laws decided to join us for the weekend and my brother and his girlfriend flew in from Louisiana!
Tons of family! 
My brother brought all sorts of goodies from the Southland.
Who's familiar with Elmer's Candy out of Ponchatula, Louisiana?
Their Heavenly Hash Easter eggs are delish!
 As you can imagine my Mom was thrilled to have everyone at the house!
 We spent a lot of time cooking together which was a ton of fun.
My brother and his girlfriend seriously know how to do some cooking!
I'm in detox now!
 For Good Friday dinner my brother Wes made a delicious chicken stuffed with sausage and wrapped in bacon.
We also enjoyed our share of deviled eggs, twice baked potatoes, an amazing coleslaw and much more!
Not to mention steaks on Saturday night.
 My contribution?
The banana pudding featured on the front of this month's Southern Living Magazine.
 I screwed up my meringue because a little bit of yolk got in it but overall I think the idea of putting them in mason jars was fabulous!
 And, tasty!
It was a caramelized banana pudding!
Everyone loved them!
 I will totally be making them again this Summer at the lake.
 The whole weekend was a blast and there is so much more to talk about!
 Including our day trip to Pinehurst while the guys played golf.
And, of course..
Our Easter lunch table scape!
Tune in tomorrow!!


Carolina Charm said...

wow - your mom seriously went ALL OUT! what a happy easter!

I Do Declare said...

That pudding looks so yum - and pretty!

Mandy said...

Can't wait to hear about Pinehurst! We always travel to my Grandmother's in Pinehurst for Eastwr and I've really been missing that since we moved!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Everything was beautiful. What a fun weekend for you all.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Your mason jars look divine with that banana pudding in them. Yum!

Sarah O said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day! Love the banana pudding, so cute!

Jordan Cole said...

Seriously between you and your momma, y'all hooked it up like a Martha Stewart celebration! LOVE the banana pudding in the mason jars!

Jamie said...

That banana pudding looks amazing!

Annie said...

I love that your inlaws came too!

Tricia said...

Looks like a gorgeous weekend. And I LOVE the mason jars. What a great idea.

Anonymous said...

I expect to see those banana puddings at the next neighborly progressive dinner.

starnes family said...

Mason jar desserts are precious!

Love the house. Picture perfect.

donna said...

The caramelized pudding looks soooo yum!

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh, did you link to the recipe? That sounds amazing! Love your parents house too. I'm classic cape cod kinda gal...even if I've never actually been to cape cod ;)

Ashley said...

DROOLING over the banana pudding!!

Wiz said...

The banana pudding looks WONDERFUL!! And it looks like a great easter. I was drooling a bit while reading about all the food you had!