Sunday, October 16, 2011

LSU vs. TN Weekend - Part One

We traveled to Knoxville, TN over the weekend to see the LSU Tigers play the TN Vols.
It's a weekend that we have been looking forward to for two years.
See, Brad has family in Knoxville and cousins who are University of TN alumni and fans.
Our drive took less than 4-hours and was through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.
Peak color this weekend my friends.
The camera does not do it justice.
 Our first stop in Knoxville was Litton's.
One of the most established restaurants in town.
Fabulous burgers.
 Brad's cousin who lives in Knoxville is a horse trainer along with his wife.
So, our second stop in town was their stables.
Clover Leaf Stables.
This is where they board horses and train children and adults how to ride and show saddle breads.
 Super nice!
 Here's our cousin Billy with one of the bigger horses.
What a beauty!
What a special treat for us to visit the stables!
 The barn dogs.
Little and LJ.
They are a riot together and so cute!
 Later on we ventured down to campus and caugh up with the rest of the crew and enjoyed dinner and cocktails.
 The funny saying of the night?
"Hot and Ready!"
Inside story but it has to do with these Krispy Kremes.
 Then, back to the house to rest up for the afternoon game in Neyland Stadium.
More on that tomorrow or when I get a chance to posting.
Flying to Los Angeles in a couple of hours!


Ashley said...

Aren't TN mountains so gorgeous?? I was there last weekend for UT-UGA and always love every second of being there :) While I was pulling for UT, I'm glad LSU is still undefeated bc I really want them to STOMP Alabama! :)

Allyson and Dave said...

I miss Knoxville. I have not been in 3 years!

Maggie said...

Bassets or beagles in the last picture?

I Do Declare said...

So glad y'all liked Littons! Are those Diggers dogs???

donatelli98 said...

Looks like a great time! The horses are beautiful!