Monday, March 24, 2014

New Saturday Tradition and First Boat Ride of the Season!

This weekend started out rough for me as I was home sick on Friday and really worked to recover all weekend.
Even so, I really tried to rally and still be a little bit of fun for both Brad and Shelby.
So, here it goes.
Our weekend started out with a new tradition at our house on Saturday mornings.
Egg in the Hole!
I posted this on Instagram and Facebook and found out there are several different names for it.
Bird in a Nest
Egg in a Basket
Cowboy Breakfast.
Cut a hole in the middle of a buttered bread slice and drop an egg in there.
Shelby loved it and we're making this our new Saturday morning tradition!!
Other highlights of our weekend were the first boat ride of the season.
Thanks to LuLu and Keith for inviting us out.
It wasn't as warm as we had hoped but it was still fun.
We had to buy Shelby a new life jacket and surprisingly, she was a-okay with it.

She loved riding even more than last year.
She would squeal and smile the faster we would go!
Just can't wait to see how she eases back into camping this Summer.
We're planning on DE-winterizing the camper/trailer very soon.
Good times all around Saturday with neighbors and new friends.
The rest of our weekend consisted of getting a few things done around the house.
Brad is working on a new top for the table he made us last year.
The wood he used didn't hold up.
I did odds and ends around the house to get ready for the week.
Sunday is my big day for that.
Grind up coffee beans, do laundry, make a salad and prep meals for the week.
Does anyone else do that on Sundays?
I would really like to start a tradition of a 'family meal' on Sunday evening.
Make it every week, and something Shelby will look forward to.
I have a college friend whose family has always done that and she use to invite me over every Sunday when in school(her family lived in Baton Rouge).
It was something I always looked forward to.

Hope you're Monday is going well.
It's turned cold here again.
To be honest, I'm a not a fan of Spring because of the constant back and forth weather.
I'm ready to bust out the sundresses!!


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I also do stuff like that on Sunday, and it totally messes me up for the week when I don't get to. I am hoping for a warm and beautiful Spring, the back and forth weather gets old fast. Oh, and I love Shelbs Lilly top!

Annie said...

Shelby is too cute in her life jacket!

YES, Sundays are all about regrouping and getting ready for the week!

Sarah O said...

You got a lot done this weekend. Shelby really is fearless.

Sunday dinner was always a family meal for us growing up. Now that we live close to my mom again my husband,my brother, and I gather for Sunday dinner at her house. It's a great tradition and a good way to start the new week.

starnes family said...

Sundays are about early bedtimes around here!

And, I do laundry every day, so maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Mariel C. said...

She is such a big girl in her new life jacket! How darling!

Sara said...

Shelby looks like she's having a ball on that boat ride. So fun!

I use cookie cutters to cut out different shapes (hearts, stars....dinosaurs are big right now!) in the bread when we do the bird in the hole or whatever it's called! Honestly, didn't know it had a name. Ha!!

And yes, Sundays are my day to organize and get ready for the week. Plan meals, grocery shop, laundry, prep for the boys lunches, etc..etc... It's the only thing that keeps me sane during the week of busy-busy-busy. Doesn't it make you feel so much better when you go to bed on Sunday night?? Does me!!

Anonymous said...

We've been working on a table too. We're building a farmhouse dining table and I am LOVING how it's turing out :)

That's so exciting that you guys were able to go on a boat ride! I'd love some warmer weather right now - just so I can open the windows - but instead I'm getting cold and snow :/ It definitely does not feel like Spring just yet.