Monday, March 3, 2014

Morrow Mountain State Park

After staying with us for a week, I took my Dad home on Saturday.
He still can't drive for another 3-weeks, and my Mom is still in Louisiana, but he wanted to go home.
Let's hope he follows doctor's orders and stays off the road.
On our way to Fayetteville, we stopped in the Uwharrie National Forest at Morrow Mountain State Park.
I had not been here in probably 7 or 8-years.
We camped in this area last Summer but it was still partially shutdown because of severe damage from a storm.
It was evident that they're still working to clean up because trees were still uprooted and so forth.
Our first stop was the visitor's center.
No one was there but they do have a really nice museum on the history of the park.
You can tell it's only a couple of years old.
 Then on to the summit
VERY nice up here.
All the facilities appear to be brand new and there was even a couple prepping for a wedding on top of the mountain.
 Mr. Buddy enjoyed the outing too.
 Gosh, I heart the Carolinas.
I'm partial to the mountains in the Western part of our state but the Uwharrie, in the East, is something to behold too.
 So nice to spend quality time with my Dad.
You can never take for granted time spent with family, especially parents.
 As you can tell in these pictures, it was quite hazy/smoky.
That's because they had done a control burn the 2 days prior to our visit.
 Miss Shelby adores being outside.
Makes me happy.

We headed home after our park visit and took a little walk around my parent's neighborhood.
But, not before Shelby found one of my Mom's old Coach purses.
Adorable or what?
She is always wanting to carry some sort of purse or bag around.
It's hysterical.
 And, this my friends?
Is my new favorite picture of her.
Yes, I might have already printed it out and hung it on our gallery wall at home.
More on our weekend tomorrow including a little Oscar watching party that I threw together at the last minute.
Happy Monday.


LuLu said...

Cutest little girl in the world!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Wait, why does Shelby look like a teenager?? Ah, she is getting so big! Glad you had a good little trip with your dad-family is so special

starnes family said...

Way to go on stopping at the state park. Can't ever go wrong with that! I miss our awesome parks in Colorado....always had a membership there. Need to do more here in SoCal.

Ashley said...

This picture is Beyond adorable!! SO FUN!