Monday, March 31, 2014

More Sickness and A Whole Lot of Nothing....

We're coming off yet another round of sickness around here.
First me, then Shelby.
Nasty..Nasty stomach bug that has been making its way around Charlotte.
Thank goodness we're both over it, but let's just hope it stays away.
The weather is warming up and Spring is in the air so it has to!!

So, the last 2 weekends we've been sick around here.
Of course, that means one of us misses work.
It was my turn this past Friday.

Our day consisted of reading books...
And, more books.

Getting outside for a few minutes before the rain set in.

And, playing with toys around the house.

 That pretty much sums up our weekend despite a few errands.
 Oh, and we met friends for brunch on Sunday afternoon.
That was truly the highlight of the weekend.
Well, for us.
Shelby's highlight was feeling better and 'cooking' us some Sunday dinner.
 You gotta love getting 2 years wear out of these smocked bishops.
This was her Easter dress last year.
Love it!
 That's really all I have for today except that I finally attempted this fun toddler meal that I saw on Facebook last week.
Octopus hot dogs and pasta.
So cute and fun!
Let's hope this week ends better than the last two!
Happy Monday!


MCW said...

How did she like the hotdogs? I bet Ewan would love them!

Mindy said...

I ordered a smocked bishop just like that for Ella's first Easter this year! I hope she can wear it again next year, too! Hope the sickness is gone for good!!!

Anni said...

How did you get the noodles in the hot dogs? I want to try that! We're doing an ocean theme for the twins' second birthday and that would be perfect.

I was trying to find matching Easter outfits for all three kids and since Shep will only be a few days old, I could only find one design that worked for all three. EC's bishop is a 3M! The tailor let it out and it's still a bit short but can't beat it for half price!

donatelli98 said...

Glad to hear y'all are feeling better! Love the LSU socks!

Sara said...

I saw this a long time ago and never tried it. You've inspired me to try it now! My boys would probably love it.

So sorry y'all have been sick. It's going around TX too. Yucko! Hope everyone is feeling better now! Shelby sure does look cute even when she's sick :)

Allena said...

UGH - sickness! Hope this weekend is healthy!!!!

Ashley said...

Girls can wear the same clothes (dresses) for so long! Lennox wore a dress this week that Anika wore at 18 months- Leni isn't THAT big, but its a dress that just can get a lot of mileage.
Last Monday, Anika and I both had a stomach bug. She got sick once and was completely normal. I felt it THE WHOLE day and night and then I felt tired for days. Yuck. Luckily, L seems to avoid everything A gets. I'm knocking on ALL.THE.WOOD.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I absolutely love that smocked dress!!

Tricia said...

Those pasta dogs are so cute! I saw those on Pinterest and they look so fun. Hope everyone is feeling better. xo