Monday, March 10, 2014

Celebrating Mom's 65th Birthday

Today my Mom becomes an official Senior Citizen!
She's the big 6-5!
That means discounts!
After being gone to Louisiana for 2-weeks to help my brother out after heart surgery, she flew in Saturday night and spent the night with us before heading home the next day.
We took advantage of our time with her and got dressed up and went to brunch.
(notice photobomber Buddy)
 (and another photobomb by Mr. Buddy)
Notice, Shelby has enough hair for a bow too!
 Back to the birthday celebration, we were lucky to be able to celebrate with her by having brunch at one of Charlotte's newest and hottest restaurants.
Knowing that it's been super crowded and hard to get into, we got there for 9am, and were able to be seated right away.
 Card for Mom.
Shelby always loves to be included.
I'm happy to report that Shelby does really good in restaurants.
Before we had her, Brad use to joke that we would never eat out again.
But... that's not the case.
I think because we've exposed her, and started her young, she's really good!
 We all got something different, but here's a shot of my Mom's entree.
Omelet with goat cheese grits.
Shelby ate an entire bowl!
 It was a great way to start my Mom's birthday celebration.
The food, ambience and service was A+
We will be back.
Happy Birthday to my Mom and thanks for everything she does for us and our family!


Sarah O said...

I can't wait to try Tupelo Honey. Happy for the tip of go early. Will also have to remember the tip of taking your children to restaurants when they are young.

Ashley said...

Happy birthday to your mom!
I LOVE Brunch :) We take the kids out to eat all the time! I took them to a girls brunch this past Sunday because Andrew is away working in CA for several weeks (if he was home, I probably would have left the older one at home :) We were there for three hours and they were both great. I agree- early exposure helps. I also give the older one a big talk before we go :) Actually, I was just thinking, after we had Anika, we stopped for lunch on the way home from the hospital! lol- I wanted a nice big tasty meal.

starnes family said...

Happy late birthday!!!!!!

Tricia said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom! :)