Saturday, May 19, 2012


Last night Brad and I had the honor of attending the Charlotte Mayor's International Community Awards Gala.
Let me give you some background..
The Charlotte International Cabinet is the Charlotte's region leading resource for promoting international business and international communities.
It also works to highlight Charlotte 8-sister city partnerships.
Last night's gala was an awards ceremony where Charlotte's foreign owned firms were honored for their philanthropic work in the community.
 It was held at the Westin and I should have taken more pictures.
 It gave Brad and I an excuse to dress up.
(Sorry, for the bright picture)
It's the only one I asked anyone to take.
 I was tempted to take more pictures in general but I didn't. 
I especially want to take some of the food during the dinner because everything was delightful.
(I didn't want to look like a total freak)
My friend, Alexis, who is the program director for the CIC(Charlotte Intl. Cabinet) made sure the menu had an international fare.
From the first course that was aimed to be Peruvian to the European dessert bar after the program.
They even had cheesecake egg rolls with chocolate and caramel sauces!!
A very fun night and it's always great to see all the different international businesses in our community highlighted and honored for giving back!!


Unknown said...

What a fun night out!

donna said...

Y'all look so pretty!

Tricia said...

Looks like a great evening out, and you all looked gorgeous. I hear you about taking photos. I'm always ready to snap away, but tend to hold back as to not look like a "freak" as well, and of course get the rolling eyes from the hubs. :)

I Do Declare said...

Va-Va-Voom - you look sassy!