Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Belated Easter!
I was gone for basically a week, so I feel very behind.
I have a lot more to tell, but that is for future posts... today, I'm going to recap out Easter weekend 2015.

We went to my parents as usual and my Mom went over and beyond as usual to make it more than a memorable occasion.
Easter tree...
 Easter mantle...
 Easter flowers and bunnies everywhere...
 The new addition to the crew this year was my cousin Alayna and her husband who moved to North Carolina back in November.
So fun!
She's really more like a sister, and I know Brad really enjoyed having her and Sean both there too since my brother lives so far away and isn't in the best health for traveling.

She brought Shelby the sweetest little gift, a fairy costume!
Perfect for next year's visit to the fairy festival!
 The next day we had big plans to head over to nearby Pinehurst, NC(known for golfing), for their annual egg hunt and Easter fest.

I couldn't resist getting Shelby's picture with the beauty queens there greeting visitors.
It was super windy and chilly, but everyone survived, even in their Spring dresses!
 The egg hunt was broken up by age groups and for the 0-3 age group, you can see, they just tossed them on ground.
 Shelby was a little overwhelmed when they yelled go because of the amount of kids and parents.
I had to keep urging her to pick eggs up and not just sit there and unscrew them looking for candy.
 Cutie or what??
 Of course, the Easter bunny was there, but she wasn't having it.
Hence this photo.
 After our visit to the festival we headed over to  #2 Clubhouse there at Pinehurst and saw all the memorabilia.
Brad and all the guys really enjoyed it.
 After lunch(which I won't go into, but wasn't the best experience), we headed home just in time to dye eggs and make our bunny cake.
 Right after finishing the cake, I put it on the dining room table in the other room and Buddy was eating it.
I should have taken a photo, but it was mainly the bowtie and I just cut that part off.
 Egg dyeing was much more successful than last year, but we still gave Shelby an apron aka bib.
 She really enjoyed it, even though she's still learning her colors.
She's great with her ABC's and numbers, colors?
Not so much... :(
 LOVE this picture!
 Then she decided she wanted to eat one of the boiled eggs.
 My Mom made sure to put salt on it so she would eat it.
She liked it after a little bit.
 Then, let's be honest..
After the fun, we peeled and turned them all into deviled eggs with Aunt Alayna's help!
 While prepping for Easter morning.
Here's what Mommy and Daddy put together.
I just adore the beagle/hound dog book and outfit.
 Then everything on the right is from Gigi and Poppi.
My Mom even dressed Shelby's Bitty Baby in one of my old baby doll's dresses and it looked like the perfect Easter dress for the baby!
 Shelby was really more into the candy this year than anything else, but she was excited about her big gift from her GiGi and Poppi.
 That was her Mini Cooper!!
 Girlfriend still needs some driving lessons for sure!
She's staying with my parents for a week at the end of the month, so she'll be a pro!
 It was a great Easter with family and great weather despite extreme pollen.
 But it was lower key than most holidays because it was just family and we did a simple brunch versus a huge lunch meal.
I really enjoyed that.
I didn't feel stuffed and it was far much better than a typical menu.
 Fresh fruit, deviled eggs, two types of quiches, ham biscuits, macaroni and cheese.
 Of course, bunny cake and two types of cheese cakes.
 Thanks so much for my parents for hosting us yet again!
 The only person missing from this photo is Alayna's husband Sean.
Loved having everyone together!!
Hope your Easter was good!!


Allena said...

Looks like a great celebration!

Mandy said...

Shelby gets cuter and cuter by the day! And her loot? Wow!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

What a wonderful Easter! I love the picture of Shelby with the two queens.

Sarah O said...

What a beautiful family holiday! That picture of Shelby and your mom needs to be in a frame. I can't get over the beagle outfit. I would lose my mind if I found one with a Berner on it.