Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Maternity Leave Dwindling Down

One week from today I'll be sitting at my desk in Uptown Charlotte.
I'm having some serious mixed emotions.
As I sit here and write this post and look down at our daughter playing on her play mat, I could cry.
At the same time, I know it's time for me to go to work and I'll be happy getting back into the groove of things.
I have TRULY enjoyed every last minute of the 13-weeks I've had off.
I really thought I would get bored off my rocker, but I really haven't.
Despite my 'go-go-go' personality I have really enjoyed our days where we just hang out in our pjs and hang around the house.
(that is, still getting out of the house for a walk in the neighborhood)

Anyway, this is our last week of doing such things.
I plan to take Shelby to her nursery school starting Monday to get into the swing of things there.
I expect to be a TOTAL MESS!
I'm already getting sad about it and we still have a few more days!!!

So, we're making the most of the time left.
We've enjoyed visits from cousins.
And, playing with our toys.
Shelby even managed to go with me yesterday to get my hair cut.
I was a nervous wreck about it, but she did great until the very end.
She got fussy because she was tired.
In preparation to go back to work I cleaned my closet out yesterday.
I tried on my work clothes.
I'm happy to say that they FIT!!!
I was SOOOOO relieved!
Even so, I'm still trying to lose another 5 to 7-pounds.
In an effort to do that our meals are looking like this.
Not exciting, I know.
I marinate the salmon in sesame oil, soy sauce, splenda brown sugar and sesame seeds.
We grill it on the Foreman.
I'm also keeping up our daily walks.
Even Brad joins in on the weekends.

The other big thing on my 'to do list' before I go back.
Get all of Shelby's pictures from the first few months into albums.
I can't believe how much she's grown.
I got a little teary looking back.
That's all I have for today.
Happy Humpday!


Alayna said...

Big adjustment for you all... (and Buddy lol). I'm sure it will be very hard at first. You're in my prayers.

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

She gets cuter with every new picture! Need to get another get together on the books. Maybe with Ms Shelby so we can meet her!

eas said...

Enjoy your last week at home! The next few weeks will be super hard but you are so positive and will do great. Each day at work will get a bit easier.

Your dinner looks so yummy. I might try it. Good job on fitting back into your clothes. You rock Dee!

Unknown said...

awe - thanks for the catch up - i'd have some SUPER mixed feelings leaving that lil munchkin too!

donatelli98 said...

It's not easy but you will all do fine! Shelby is the cutest baby ever! Thinking of you and you hit this milestone!!

Monica said...

Now I'm gonna cry! It is very bitter sweet. Although it is super hard to leave the little one, it will be good to get back into your daily routine. Lyla never leaves my mind while I am away from her, but it's also a nice break. I could not imagine being a SAHM. I'm glad I work. I can provide a better life for her that way! Hope this last week doesn't go by fast for you two.

starnes family said...

You're going to be great! Find your balance and it will all go well. Yay, Dee!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Wow, I can't believe it's been almost 13 weeks. I know this is going to be tough, but I will be thinking of you.

love jenny xoxo said...

Shelby is sooo cute!!!

I bet it will be difficult going back to work at first, were you off for 3 months?

And awesome job getting back into shape! I hope I bounce back so fast :)

{love jenny xoxo}

Heather said...

I love the second picture. GREAT expression on her face. That Shelby is one sweet baby.

Hope you are well.

Heather said...

I love the second picture. GREAT expression on her face. That Shelby is one sweet baby.

Hope you are well.

Tricia said...

Time to go back already? Wow, that really did go quickly. I bet the next few weeks are going to be terribly hard, but you'll be great. Just think of that sweet little face you get to come home to each night...and of course the hubby too. :) And a big high five for getting back in to your work clothes. You are kicking some serious butt with getting to the weight you want. You look great! Enjoy your weekend!! :)