Tuesday, December 20, 2011

O' Christmas Cards!!!

Happy Christmas Week!
We're still working, but getting ready for this weekend's festivities as well.
Not too much longer!
One of my favorite parts of the holidays is sitting in our living room watching TV and looking at our tree.
Nothing like it.
 One of my other favorites?
Receiving Christmas cards in the mailbox.
It's fun to see familiar faces!

Over the years, I've been coming up with different ways to display them all.
Back in the day I use to display them on my coffee table under a piece of glass.
Since getting married I/we get a ton of cards so that fills up pretty quick so I don't do that anymore.

I guess you can say I've moved on.
My most recent display is this one under our kitchen bar.
I just added the top level.
I figure we'll get a few more to fill it all in before the week is over.
 My other way to display is by using a piece of ribbon and simple scotch tape.
I've done this the last few years.
Simple and fills a blank space.
 I just love having them on showcase and our guests love to look at them!
 Pictures, the designs, the paper.
I love it all!
So fun to see what people come up with!
 I've seen where people save their cards year after year and display categorizing by year.
Do any of you do this?
It would seem fun but not sure I would have enough room.
That's all I have for tonight.
Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season.


DSS said...

I have a really big doorway going from my living room into my kitchen. It has very wide molding on both sides, and so I hang my cards on both sides. That way I enjoy a different view depending on which way I am walking :) I have seen so many creative ways of displaying cards, but that's all I've managed to do. It's also really convenient though b/c people love to stand in the doorway and read the cards when they come to visit :)

starnes family said...

Love this idea! You know I use Martha's version......it's darling.

mrs.mfc said...

I looooooove sitting in the living room and enjoying the glow of the Christmas tree!! Such a cozy feeling :)

I display all the cards we receive on the molding of the large doorway between our foyer/sunroom and the living room. It is overflowing with beautiful cards this year though and I think we'll have to find a new solution next year!!

I really love the idea of doing something special to display the cards from previous years. I have all of the cards we have received for the last few years but I don't do anything with them. They just stay in ziplock baggies in rubbermaid totes with our Christmas decorations. I would love to figure out something fun to do with them all!!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I have a christmas tree card holder, and those things are hard to find. It only holds a few though.

I love the cards, too.

Jo said...

It sounds like I need to get a little more creative with my display. Our cards are on a large antique tray in the foyer. I love the look of it but they really aren't on display for others to see.


Ashley said...

I made something out of an embroider hoop this year/pins and ribbon. I LOVE the look of it, but it is FULLL and I have to put some cards over other cards and I dont like that! I like to see them ALL. Next year I am doing the ribon on the door like you did AND the hoop thing. I LOVE getting all the cards too! Makes me so happy. It was a slow start this year though, so looks like everyone was busy but then they came FLOWING in. ALSO, I got a photo card from my dear friend who is single of her on her trip in Ireland this year- just her in the pics. I LOVE that she does that. I know you said you used to do that too :)

Sara said...

I have an old iron gate that I painted white hanging on one of my walls. I use clothes pins to attach all of my Christmas cards to the gate. Looks cute! And I keep them up all year long.

I like the ribbon ideas too!