Thursday, December 4, 2014

Let the Baking Begin!

One of my most favorites things about the holiday season is all the yummy food and drinks.
Not only do I enjoy indulging in them, but I also immensely enjoy preparing them for friends and family.
I think my favorite is baking!!
I can and won't pass up a cookie exchange if I can help it.
I think they are so fun and it's cool to get all sorts of different types of cookies that you may not make.

This year baking has taken a new turn with Shelby being able help.
In preparation for 2 different exchanges this weekend I had her help me make these beauties last night.
Sugar cookies with peppermint Hershey kisses.
 The learning tower that Brad made months back make doing these sort of activities so much easier.
 Her favorite part is the sprinkles.
She goes a little nuts!
 She also loved giving the cookies the finishing touch by putting the Hershey kiss on.
So fun, even if I did have to wash her hands 5,124 times during the process.
I'm thinking we might attempt the sugar cookie cutouts again for the exchange on Sunday.
It all remains to be seen.
Let the baking continue in these next few weeks!!!


Sarah O said...

I love that you include Shelby in the kitchen to help. So cute. I'm a little obsessed with those Peppermint kisses.

starnes family said...

Sweet Shelby is helping so much! Good for you for cooking with her. I have with our kids since very young. Such great memories!