Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend in Pictures and Ready for Turkey Day!

Hello short work week!!!
I'm so ready for Thanksgiving you can't even imagine.
We're headed down to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to visit family and friends for the holiday.
We're spending Turkey Day with my brother and his family and this will be Brad's first visit to BR ever!
What makes it even more exciting is that my LSU Tigers are playing Arkansas in Tiger Stadium on Friday and we will be there!
Two LSU games in one year.

In preparation for our big week we kept our weekend pretty low-key again.
Friday I met up with Charlotte blogging friend, A. Liz. at George's Brassiere in South Park and they just happened to be having an event for the launch of the 2011 Beaujolais.
Always a fun time of the year.
It's always great to catch up with A. Liz.
I still find it remarkable just how many friends I have made through blogging.
People are amazed and a little surprised when I tell them about it too.
On Saturday we attended at 1-year old birthday party for a friend.
I took more pictures but always hesitate posting pictures of people's children without permission.
It was lovely though.
Yesterday, we traveled up to the lake to visit my in-laws and drop Buddy off for the week.
MIL always has the cutest seasonal decor.
I was with her when she bought these sticks to make a pumpkin a turkey.
I might have to find one in the after Thanksgiving sales for myself.
Cute garden flag too.
Of course, she's already getting ready for Christmas by painting wood Santas.
So creative.
We took advantage of the lovely day and the beautiful lakefront to take a family picture for our Christmas card.
This isn't the exact one we're using but similar.
I'm so excited to have a family photo this year!!!!
Hopefully, we'll have a plus-one for next year's photo!
Other big news this weekend?
I finally did it!
I joined the real world and traded in my BlackBerry for an IPhone!
I can't believe I was so hesitant on doing it! IPhones ROCK!
I also purchased the new Michael Buble Christmas Album.
I'm tempted to start playing it even though it's not Thanksgiving yet.
That's all I have for today!
Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


MCW said...

I need to get some Christmas music on my ipod for the ride back to NYC from MD on Sunday!

Glad you are ready for Turkey Day!

I Do Declare said...

Great photo!!!! You'll have a super cute Christmas card!

love jenny xoxo said...

I love that pumpkin turkey, such a cute idea!!! And I really like that last photo, beautiful! have fun with the new phone!


MyInnerCheerleader said...

iphones really are the best. The husband got his new one last week and I have an even harder time getting his attention because he is always playing on it.

Sunshine In The City said...

Hi Dee! Happy Thanksgiving! Love the card photo and hope you do have a plus one for next year!

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Are you trying to be a Momma?! Is that the plus one? AHHH! :)

Nikki said...

You guys look darling. Love that sweater! What a busy week ahead, I hope you enjoy your thanksgiving. I'm envisioning turkey fried po'

Ashley said...

I need to trade the BB in for an Iphone too. AND, I understand what you mean when you tell people about "blog friends" People will ask me "Oh where did you get that outfit for Anika?" And i hesitantly say, oh a blog friend. BUT, I dont want most real life friends to know I have a blog :)
AND- I KNOW there will be a plus one next year. I am praying for you :)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Love your photo!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Love that turkey pumpkin. So cute.

Safe travels.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Oh my goodness--I love that pumpkin turkey! Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!